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We stopped for a bloody mary post-round at Evansville Golf Club.

Evansville Bloody Mary

MIX:  Homemade

CHASER: None offered


PRICE: $3.08


This was definitely a no-frills Bloody Mary, but it hit the spot after a long hot day on the course–and you can’t beat the price!

Kind of ironic that we had to drive to Appleton, Wisconsin to visit the Milwaukee Burger Company.

There are 3 locations for this local chain, yet none of them are actually in Milwaukee. You have to go to Appleton, Eau Claire, or now Franklin, which is the closest option to Milwaukee.

However, it is worth the drive for they have six different Bloody Marys on the menu.

Milwaukee Burger Company Bloody Mary

Of course, we had to try the 34-oz. Big Mil Bloody:

Milwaukee Burger Company Bloody Mary

MIX:  Bottle Mix (unsure of brnad) and Smirnoff

CHASER: The Milwaukee Burger Company locations have 30+ taps each. Choose from any!

FIXIN’S: Cheeseburger with bacon, celery, beef stick, cheese, olives, lemon, pickle

PRICE:  $9.99

This Bloody Mary was well worth the price. You got to sample a delicious burger from the restaurant known for its burgers, plus enjoy a HUGE bloody mary–one we admit we couldn’t even finish!

We’ll definitely be back to sample the other options over time, guaranteed.