Bloody Mary Book Review: The Drunken Tomato Seattle

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Shelley Buchanan, author of the Bloody Mary brunch blog called “The Drunken Tomato” and the book:  The Drunken Tomato: A Definitive Guide to the Best Bloody Marys in Los Angeles and Orange County, has recently published her second book, The Drunken Tomato Seattle.

Drunken Tomato Seattle

While I’ve never met Shelley in person, she’s become a resource of sorts for me as I’ve traveled to various cities, sometimes following in her footsteps, testing out her recommendations and sometimes giving her tips in return. I traveled to Los Angeles a few times since reviewing her first book and I’ve used it as a resource, checking out Hungry Cat and Franklin & Company, to name a couple.

So,  needless to say, I was thrilled when she asked me to preview and review her latest book.

I’ve never been to Seattle, but as fate would have it, 2016 just may take me there and hopefully I’ll finally get to meet Shelley over a bloody or two.  And, after perusing this guide, I’m definitely looking forward to my visit!

This unique and comprehensive city guide is organized by the different neighborhoods of Seattle: North, Ballard, Central, Capitol Hill, Downtown and West Seattle & South. She provides contact information for each bar and restaurant, along with reviews and pictures. The establishments range from well-known restaurants to the lesser-known “dive bars.”

“After drinking over 100 of the best and worst bloody marys that Seattle has to offer, I’ve learned three things,” Shelley writes in the intro. “First, Seattle snubs celery, second, infused vodka reignes supreme, and third, with the exception of a very few places, Seattle bloody marys are damn expensive.”

The book includes her “Top 10 List” of her favorite bloodies and she uses a cute category key throughout to denote things such as “Build Your Own,” “All You Can Drink,” “Beer Back,” etc.

Even if you’re not planning on visiting the area anytime soon, you’ll find that this book, like the Los Angeles edition, is put together so beautifully and the photos are so gorgeous (yes, I’m biased, I know, but I think Bloody Marys are amazing and photograph fantastically) that it could just as easily serve as a coffee table book and/or conversation piece.

Be sure to give Shelley’s blog a follow, follow her on Twitter @TheDrunkenTomato (and us, if you’re not already following– @OutForBloodies), and pick up this book if you get the chance.

She’s also got swag! Be sure to check out her site for cute tees and tanks in addition to her fabulous reviews and books. Thanks for sending me this sweet tank, Shelley! (White was a bold choice when you know I’m gonna be drinking tomato-based drinks in it!)

Drunken Tomato Tank

In this “business,” we don’t consider ourselves competitors, but rather co-conspirators, searching for that ever-elusive perfect Bloody Mary and having a blast trying.


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