Towson, MD: Obrycki’s

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Our final Bloody Mary stop in Maryland came at the airport.

While waiting for our mid-morning flight, we enjoyed breakfast and a Bloody at Obrycki’s.

Not going to lie, we weren’t super-hungry, but a sign for their “Crabby Mary” lured us in.

Obryckis Bloody Mary Crabby

Mix: Homemade with Absolut Peppar and rimmed with Obryckis special spicy seafood seasoning

Chaser: No

Fixin’s: Celery, cherry tomato, olive, lime and the coup de grace: a crab claw!

Price: $10.50

We wanted to see if there were other Obrycki’s  locations and in our research, we learned that the restaurant was established in 1944 as a Crab House and Seafood Restaurant in Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood by members of the Obrycki family. In 1986 they expanded into a larger location adjacent to the original location 1986, which closed in 2011. Thus, the only current location is, surprisingly, at the BWI airport.


So glad we got to leave Maryland on this high note. It would’ve been disappointing not to have some sort of seafood in our drink. This was extremely flavorful and hit the spot. If you’re flying out of BWI, leave some extra time to check ’em out.

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