George’s Bloody Mary Mix

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Between going “out for bloodies” and my travel schedule, it is usually hard for me to find time to make Bloody Marys at home, and I owe George’s Mixes a big apology for the delay in this review.


The Maryland-based company sent us a Spicy and Mild mix to try awhile back and we finally got a chance to “Taste the Chesapeake” as the brand implores. According to their website, George’s Mixes was born in a small bar in Annapolis and cultivated over the years on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

This mix had a great consistency (I like my mix to be a little thicker) and while we really didn’t find this to be spicy in a hot sense (we tested the mild first), you can definitely taste the spices in the mix, especially the horseradish and celery salt. It also had a slightly “fish”y taste that did indeed evoke Maryland to me.

The same day, we happened to be making chili and added the mix to our batch to give it a little something special…delicious!

George's Bloody Mary Mix

If you find George’s Bloody Mary mix, we definitely recommend testing it out for yourself! You can also purchase it directly on their website.

We are definitely not the first to cook with George’s and we most certainly won’t be the last. On their site, you’ll also find tons of recipes–including one for chili–that incorporate the mix.


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