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We recently visited Hom Woodfired Grill in Glendale, Wis. We had never visited this location, although we’ve dined at the Hom in Brookfield before (yet somehow didn’t try the bloody mary!).

Over the holidays, we had some time off of work, so found ourselves there for lunch on a Monday as we took cover during a snowstorm. It was pretty quiet inside the restaurant, but it was warm and cozy.  We found the food delicious and comforting and the Bloody Mary fantastic.

Hom woodfired grill bloody mary


MIX: Housemade

CHASER: Rhinelander Shorty

FIXIN’S: Lime, lemon, pickle, bean, olive, meat and cheese

PRICE: $Unsure

HOM is a Wisconsin-owned and focused restaurant and I love that this was also reflected in the bloody mary. The drink had a nice overall flavor and a surprising amount of fixin’s. The Rhinelander Shorty put it over the top.

If you ever find yourself at Bayshore Mall, be sure to stop in at Hom, have a drink and stay for lunch or dinner!

I recently received a treat from Buffalo Betty’s Bloody Mary Mix, made by Panorama Foods.

Buffalo Betty Bloody Mary Mix

Buffalo Betty’s is, according to their site, “The world’s first buffalo-style bloody mary mix,” and bills the mix as “Mary’s hotter sister.” The mix comes in a 32oz jar for $6.99 and it is gluten-free.

I used this mix for Bloody Marys on Christmas morning:

Buffalo Betty

To keep the sample pure, we just used regular vodka and did not add any spices or fixin’s. It tasted very fresh and definitely had the distinct buffalo style taste from the Wing-Time Buffalo Spices it is made with.

I didn’t feel the need to add anything to the mix—it was perfect.

If you like buffalo wings, you will LOVE Buffalo Betty’s. Give this mix a try when you find it in your local store!


We recently visited Mad Rooster Cafe on Miller Park Way in Milwaukee.


We’ve previously enjoyed both breakfast and lunch at this establishment, but had not had the pleasure of trying their “Mad Mary,” described on the menu as “our special blend of homemade bloody mary with Smirnoff vodka, unbelievably garnished! A meal in itself!”

We decided we were overdue, so we ordered up a Mad Mary with our omelette.

Mad Rooster Cafe

MIX: Housemade

CHASER: a Miller High Life pony (we declined on this particular visit because it was before 10am and we were also ordering breakfast… Not that that has stopped us before)

FIXIN’S: Lime, lemon, deviled egg, stuffed olive (bleu cheese?), pickle and celery stalk

PRICE: $9 (or $8 w/0 chaser–also these are specially priced on Fridays)

The taste of the this bloody was light and refreshing and I enjoyed the egg as a garnish, even though the yolk fell out and dissolved in the beverage; however, I would not bill this drink as a meal in itself as we’ve seen much grander bloodies in our day.

They get bonus points for the salt on the rim as well.

The verdict?

There’s no question that we’ll be back here for breakfast again, as this place is one of the few good and true places to get a nice sit-down breakfast in the city and we’ll probably order this bloody mary again in the future too, but Mad Rooster Cafe not a place we’d go specifically to have a bloody mary, if that makes sense.


Late last fall, we squeezed in a round of golf at Hawk’s View Golf Course on a warmer-than-usual December day.

By the end of the round, the sun was setting and it was getting a bit chillier, so we stopped inside the clubhouse to warm up.

Boy are we glad we did.

Tail Feather's Hawk's View

Mix: Zing Zang, spiced up to our liking
Chaser: Yes
Fixin’s: Pickle, Beefstick, Olives & peppers; topped with Mozzarella cheese whips
Price: $5.25

“I’d like a Bloody Mary,” I told the bartender.

“Do you want our deluxe one?” he asked.

I didn’t even have to ask what that was, I just replied, “Yes.”

He then asked if I wanted it spicy. I nodded again as I watched him piece together this masterpiece.

We’re fans of Zing Zang, so we already liked the base of the drink, but the bartender kicked it up a notch by adding his own spice and flair. We appreciated all of the fixin’s offered (reminiscent of Wicked Hop almost!), as well as the chaser.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when the bill arrived, but it wasn’t $5.25, I’ll tell you that much. They could’ve easily charged double that and I probably wouldn’t have blinked. This was a great deal and we very much appreciated it.

We probably won’t be out this way again anytime soon, but we do encourage anyone who plays Hawk’s View to stop in at the 19th hole for a fantastic Bloody Mary.





Speaking of places we can’t believe we haven’t reviewed, the Wicked Hop takes the cake!

Located in Milwaukee’s popular Third Ward, the Wicked Hop is one of the best brunch spots in the city.

In fact, it’s located at the corner of Sunday Brunch and Bloody Mary! (We love this, right outside their restaurant.)

The ultimate intersection. #BloodyMary #Brunch

A photo posted by OutForBloodies (@outforbloodies) on

We’ve had their Bloody Mary several times, but somehow, we’ve failed to review it. For that, we apologize as we’re depriving you of one of the best bloodies in the city!

Wicked Hop Bloody Mary

MIX: Housemade

CHASER: From their site: “Buddied up with everyone’s favorite — Lakefront Riverwest Stein beer chaser!”

FIXIN’S: Again: “Our house recipe served with peeled coldwater shrimp, Old Wisconsin beefstick, MKE midget kosher dill pickle, mozzarella whips, Walnut Street portabella mushroom and a Spanish green olive.” They also let you purchase Extra Fixin’s for $3 more (We inquired: it’s an extra portion of what already comes on it, not additional items).

PRICE: $10 regularly (You can get a Virgin Mary, or a Topless Mary (no fixin’s) for $8)

Wicked Hop is known for their Bloodies and they also have a popular brunch. Get there early on a Saturday and sit in the bar to take advantage of this offer:

Half hoppy

Or, if you can get there during the week, we highly recommend going on a Tuesday where the Bloody Marys are $5 (sans chaser):

slider poster


On our most recent visit, we had just posted our above photo on Instagram and Facebook when we noticed a very similar photo appear in our feeds…comedian Amy Schumer, in town for a show at the Bradley Center, had visited the Wicked Hop and indulged that same day. We’re sorry we missed her, but we’re glad that someone pointed her in the right direction!

Milwaukee I love you!!

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

One more thing… The Wicked Hop also boasts “The ‘Glass’ Slipper,” which is, by their description: “Our house recipe bloody mary fitted in a 96.628 oz. plastic German boot laced with all the accessories. Buddied up with 6 chasers of everyone’s favorite — Lakefront Riverwest Stein. Finish it all and we’ll give you the commemorative boot.” The price listed is: Market, whatever that means. We haven’t been brave enough to tackle this one yet, but you’ll be the first to know when we do.

Be sure you check out Wicked Hop when you’re in Milwaukee, you’ll be bloody glad you did.


One weeknight, we stopped at Mo’s Irish Pub in Wauwatosa for Happy Hour and had a Bloody Mary, along with a wide array of appetizers.

The Mo’s in Wauwatosa is the second Mo’s Irish Pub location, with the original being downtown. Mo’s has now expanded to Texas and Indiana as well, as it is quite popular.

We’ve had Mo’s Bloody Mary in the past, but couldn’t remember reviewing it for the site. We looked back and it appears that somehow we’ve missed posting about Mo’s, so we’re making up for it now.

Mo's Irish Pub Bloody Mary

MIX: Housemade with Guinness

CHASER: Miller Lite

FIXIN’S: Lime, Lemon, Pickle, Olive

PRICE: $Unsure

We hadn’t been to Mo’s in probably over a year until we met up with friends there for Happy Hour. It’s relatively close to where we live, work and play, but not some place we frequent on a regular basis. We don’t dislike Mo’s, it’s just not one of our favorite, regular haunts.

It’s usually super-packed on the weekends, too, which can be a turn-off for us. And, as far as their Bloody Mary goes, is pretty nondescript. The flavor is decent (they’re an Irish Pub and the menu says they put Guinness in it), but the fixin’s are pretty standard and, even though we weren’t buying the round, we recall their drink prices being higher than other places.

Don’t get us wrong–Mo’s is a popular place (hence the super-packedness) and they have a nice menu–but this just isn’t one of our favorite places to grab a bloody.

Come instead to  listen to some live music on a weekend, or to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (when they really do it big).

We’re honored to be part of V8’s Bloody Mary Society!

What’s the Society? According to the website, “One fateful evening (over Bloody Marys, of course) a Society was born with one goal in mind: to bring the gift of brilliant Bloodies to all! Through wisdom and quality that only Mary and V8 could provide, The Bloody Mary Society came to fruition, making the art of Mary mixing more enjoyable than ever before.”

Out For Bloodies was asked to provide a recipe to be featured in the Bloody Mary Society’s Book of Bloody Marys, a “coveted collection of cocktail recipes,” compiled by “bartenders, mixologists, and connoisseurs from around the country to ensure that only the most brilliant Bloodies grace the pages of her book.”

Our Ultimate Bloody Mary is listed under the “Mary’s Finest” Tab.

Out For Bloodies' Ultimate Bloody Mary is featured on the Bloody Mary Society page!

Out For Bloodies’ Ultimate Bloody Mary is featured on the Bloody Mary Society page!

We highly recommend you check out not only our recipe, but the many others that are oh-so-pretty to peruse on the sight.

Cheers to V8 for putting this Society together–we’re pleased to be part of the Band of Bloodies!