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We’re honored to be part of V8’s Bloody Mary Society!

What’s the Society? According to the website, “One fateful evening (over Bloody Marys, of course) a Society was born with one goal in mind: to bring the gift of brilliant Bloodies to all! Through wisdom and quality that only Mary and V8 could provide, The Bloody Mary Society came to fruition, making the art of Mary mixing more enjoyable than ever before.”

Out For Bloodies was asked to provide a recipe to be featured in the Bloody Mary Society’s Book of Bloody Marys, a “coveted collection of cocktail recipes,” compiled by “bartenders, mixologists, and connoisseurs from around the country to ensure that only the most brilliant Bloodies grace the pages of her book.”

Our Ultimate Bloody Mary is listed under the “Mary’s Finest” Tab.

Out For Bloodies' Ultimate Bloody Mary is featured on the Bloody Mary Society page!

Out For Bloodies’ Ultimate Bloody Mary is featured on the Bloody Mary Society page!

We highly recommend you check out not only our recipe, but the many others that are oh-so-pretty to peruse on the sight.

Cheers to V8 for putting this Society together–we’re pleased to be part of the Band of Bloodies!


Did you know that January 1 is National Bloody Mary Day? Makes sense on many levels–deal with the hangover from New Year’s Eve, start the new year off on the right foot with the best drink ever concocted, etc.

Well, this year, we were lucky enough to receive a care package from V8, containing their Bloody Mary Mix, Svedka Citrus Vodka, a pint glass and a mixer, to help celebrate the ocassion.



We will admit that we have not yet tried these items, but we’re looking forward to doing so in the not too distant future.

Here at Out For Bloodies, we hope all of you had a safe and wonderful holiday season and we wish you the best for 2015.