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We recently found ourselves in historic downtown Glendale, AZ at a restaurant/bar that gives off a newer vibe than many of the old-timey shops and dining staples. Housed in the Humphrey-Davidson building, Cuff has brought a more modern feel to the place constructed in 1895. According to Cuff, they were recently named Best Cocktail Bar in the West Valley, so we had to check them out.

Cuff (3)

We sat at the bar and enjoyed a dinner of a simple but delicious burger and fries. Since it was after 6pm, we didn’t know if the bartender would be up for making us a bloody mary, but since it was listed prominently on their cocktail menu, we thought we’d ask.

They were happy to oblige.

Spice: A little too spicy…maybe the chile liquer?

Mix: Housemade, with Tito’s vodka and ancho reyes chile liquer

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Bacon, olive, celery, carrot, cucumber

Price: $9

Unfortunately, we weren’t fans of this drink. It might be the ancho reyes chili liquer, but it was a little too spicy and/or the ratio of liquor to mix was “off.” As you can see, this drink was a bit too clear of a consistency as compared to normal bloodies, so perhaps this was just a one-time bum experience.

If we are back in downtown Glendale, we would certainly visit Cuff again, but we’d have to give one of their other craft cocktails a go instead.


We visited a small sports bar called The Nest in Glendale, Arizona during our trip for Bloodies on a Saturday afternoon. I’m assuming it’s called “The Nest” because of its close proximity to the Arizona Cardinals stadium.


Mix: Homemade

Chaser: None–we ended up ordering our own beers as chasers.

Fixin’s:  Lime, two olives

Price: $?

This bloody mary was simple, yet flavorful. We especially enjoyed the salted rim.

We recently visited Hom Woodfired Grill in Glendale, Wis. We had never visited this location, although we’ve dined at the Hom in Brookfield before (yet somehow didn’t try the bloody mary!).

Over the holidays, we had some time off of work, so found ourselves there for lunch on a Monday as we took cover during a snowstorm. It was pretty quiet inside the restaurant, but it was warm and cozy.  We found the food delicious and comforting and the Bloody Mary fantastic.

Hom woodfired grill bloody mary


MIX: Housemade

CHASER: Rhinelander Shorty

FIXIN’S: Lime, lemon, pickle, bean, olive, meat and cheese

PRICE: $Unsure

HOM is a Wisconsin-owned and focused restaurant and I love that this was also reflected in the bloody mary. The drink had a nice overall flavor and a surprising amount of fixin’s. The Rhinelander Shorty put it over the top.

If you ever find yourself at Bayshore Mall, be sure to stop in at Hom, have a drink and stay for lunch or dinner!

While it is a chain, we enjoy visiting the Saddle Ranch Chop House in Glendale, AZ. We may or may not have even ridden the bull inside this country/western themed bar and restaurant…

They have an great selection of food and beverage options and we were especially excited to note that they have a special Bloody Mary menu featuring a variety of Bloodies for just $2.99 until 3pm daily:

SRCHDuring our stay, there was just one day that would work for us to take advantage of this, so we planned to hit it up one Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, we arrived at exactly 3pm and were told the special had ended. That’s okay, we said, can we still order a Bloody Mary at full price?

Yes, they said… but here was our only option:

Saddle Ranch Chop House Bloody Mary

Mix: They make their own, we think.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  NONE

Price: $7.50

We were highly disappointed that not only did we miss the five specialty bloodies, but that we also had to pay over twice the price for what was, in our opinion, a below-average drink.

Next time we’re in the area, we’ll give them another shot and make sure to get there as early as possible.

While it is a chain, we enjoy the sushi at Kabuki when we visit Arizona.

While we typically stick with sake to accompany our Omakase special, this time we sampled their Bloody Mary–called a Bloody Yoko— for the sake of the blog:

Kabuki Bloody Mary

Mix: They make their own with premium shochu

Chaser: Miller Lite

Fixin’s:  Olive and lime

Price: $8.50

Surprisingly, this Bloody Yoko was one of our favorite bloodies in Arizona this time around!

The addition of the shochu, which is a Japanese distilled beverage, gave it a distinct Asian flare, that was very different but in a good way. If you like bloodies (and I’m guessing you do since you’re reading this blog), I recommend trying one of these the next time you have the chance!


While it is a chain, Yard House is one of our favorite spots to hit in Arizona.

They have an amazing selection of food and beverage options and we’ve yet to try something we don’t like.

A favorite? The BBQ Chicken Salad–so good you’re almost afraid to try anything else because it might not live up to how good that salad is and you’ll regret not ordering it in the first place.

But we’ve also tried tacos, dips, flatbreads, etc., so don’t worry, we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong here.

They are well known for their beer selection of course, but we had to try a Bloody Mary for the sake of the blog:


Yard House Bloody Mary


Mix: They make their own

Chaser: Miller Lite

Fixin’s:  Bacon, olive and lime

Price: $?

This Bloody Mary was pretty good, but here, we’d rather explore their beer offerings, or have another Old 43, a specialty drink that we highly recommend.