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On a recent trip to New Orleans, we stopped into the Olde NOLA Cookery on the world-famous Bourbon Street for some gator bites, oysters, po’ boys and gumbo.

When we saw the Rajun Cajun Bloody Mary on the menu, we knew we had to give that a shot as well.

Photo Nov 13, 7 10 02 PM

Spice: Not too spicy.

Mix: House-infused Absolut Peppar Vodka, with their own Bloody Mary Mix

Chaser: None.

Fixin’s: The menu claims they drink includes  sun-dried tomatoes, cocktail onions, spicy green beans, and olives; however, on our visit we only got green beans, peppers, olives and a lemon and a lime.

Price: $10

This Bloody Mary was tasty, but were not sure it was worth the price. The food here, however, will satisfy your hankerin’ for some Southern Cookin’, so if you’re looking for a place to get your fried food fix, stop in here. Maybe just try a Hurricane instead.

On a recent Sunday, we headed back to West Allis to take in a Packers game.

This was our first time at Lynch’s Pub and we definitely felt a bit out of place amongst the regulars. Protective of their local watering hole, we did not feel welcomed by the other patrons, although the staff was perfectly pleasant.

They served free subs and chips at halftime, prize raffles and had a $5 Bloody Mary special, so it’s no wonder the regulars were wary of newcomers encroaching on the goodness.

Photo Nov 12, 11 37 44 AM

Spice: Not too spicy.

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: Yes-MGD or Miller Lite

Fixin’s: Preztel, Bacon, dill pickle, celery, olives, mushroom, peppers, brussels sprout, cheese and a beefstick

Price: $5

This Bloody was very good and you really can’t beat the price. We haven’t had a pretzel rod in a bloody before, so a pro tip would be to eat that first before it dissolves in your drink!

We’d give Lynch’s another chance, but next time we would get there early and hope to endear ourselves to the regulars.