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We recently visited Harvest by the Patio in downtown San Diego for Saturday morning brunch and bloodies.

This was our first time at Harvest and we were overwhelmed with the dining options! We deliberated greatly before settling on the Olympia Bowl.

Harvest Patio (2)

We were highly satisfied with our decision, which also turned out to be food porn.

The beverages decision was simple. Once we saw the “Cedar Mary” on the menu, we jumped. Even at $20, we knew it was something special we had to try.

Harvest Patio (1)

After reconciling the $20 cost against providing our loyal readers with an amazing review, imagine our surprise when this is what showed up at our table:

Harvest Patio (3).JPG

Now, we will admit this drink was very good, but as we’re imbibing we’re wondering about the cedar planks and how this can possibly be worth $20.

Lo and behold… it wasn’t. They didn’t actually serve us the right drink! We didn’t find out until the bill came, when we were charged just $8, for what must be their standard, everyday Bloody.

Those disappointing stats:

Spice: Just the right amount of spice, salted rim.

Mix: Housemade

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Bacon, Cherry Tomato, Shishito Pepper

Price: $8

While the food here was delicious and the standard Bloody Mary was enjoyable, I will say that the service was severely lacking. The place was not busy considering it was a Saturday around 1pm, but we still found ourselves having to get up to ask our bartender to find our waitress, put our order in, bring us more water, the check, etc.

Had the service been better, we might’ve taken the time to inquire early on as to whether we had received the right drink, or brought it up at least when we received the bill; however, we ended up being pressed for time and decided that it was their loss on upselling us to their specialty beverage and having that reviewed.

Again, delicious food; bad day for service and a disappointment on the Bloody Mary end. Maybe next time we’re in San Diego, we’ll give them another shot to get it right!

On a recent trip to San Diego, California, we made our way to the beach on Coronado. Following a romp in the sun, we checked out Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge  on Good Friday for a bite to eat and, of course, a Bloody Mary.

First, a word about the poke tacos… San Diego, or Southern California in general, is kind of known for its fish tacos… Many places serve them and it’s really hard to find bad ones there. However, here at Leroy’s, they are poke tacos instead… made with Ahi Tuna, Napa slaw, spicy creme and served in a crispy wonton shell, these tacos still give you that beachy vibe with an Asian flare.

Delicious. 10/10, would recommend. Also, a perfect meal on Good Friday when Catholics should be abstaining from meat.

But then… the Bloody Mary. It’s not just a regular Bloody Mary served at Leroy’s, but a BACON Bloody Mary.

The stats:

Spice: Just the right amount of spice, salted rim.

Mix: Housemade with Bacon-Infused Tito’s Vodka

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Celery, Candied Bacon

Price: $12.50

So, again, Poke Tacos…a good Good Friday choice… a Bacon Bloody Mary presented a great conundrum. After much internal deliberation, we decided that, even in the name of Bloody Mary research, we could not eat the candied bacon; however, we did make an exception for the beverage itself even though the vodka was “bacon-infused.”

The drink was pretty good, although admittedly, probably not worth the price, and you couldn’t beat the resort-town, beachy vibe. We also bet the bacon was delicious, but you’ll have to visit and let us know for yourself!

From the genius of local Chef Michael Feker comes a new Mexican place on Milwaukee’s west side, in the building that once held Birdie’s Café.

Feker is perhaps best known in the area for his restaurant IL Mito, in Wauwatosa, serving Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in a casual fine dining setting.

His new venture is 2Mesa, which represents the Spanish words “tu mesa,” meaning “your table.” Chef Feker and his wife want to be your table away from home.

Tucked in the neighborhood, 2Mesa is just what this location needed. Breakfast is served daily from 7:30am to 2pm, with lunch service from 11am to close and dinner beginning at 5pm.

We had our first visit to 2Mesa on a Saturday morning, around 11am, so we had our choice between breakfast and brunch.

2 Mesa (2)

After much deliberation, we chose the Divorced Omelet-organic eggs complimented with herbs, cheese, ham, and spinach and topped with both green and red sauces. Served with Mexican potatoes and beans.

Of course, we also had to try their Bloody Mary.

2 Mesa (1)

The stats:

Spice: Just the right amount of spice.

Mix: Housemade with your choice of tequila or vodka

Chaser: Full-Size bottle of Miller Lite or Corona

Fixin’s: 2 Olives, Lemon, Lime and salted rim

Price: $8?

This Bloody Mary was the perfect consistency and tasted very light and refreshing. However, it is quite petite! It was almost like having a beer with a Bloody Mary chaser. Now there’s certainly nothing wrong with that… we’ll just have to order two next time!

And there will definitely be a next time because this place is something special. We love the cozy atmosphere and the food was delicious and priced just right.

Thank you for bringing a great place like this to the neighborhood, Chef Feker!