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Our travels took us to Hilton Head Island, where we visited Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks not once but three times in our 5-day stay.

A beautiful (and COVID-19 approved) outdoor setting on the water in the warm October sunshine combined with fresh catch-of-the day seafood made for a restaurant our whole group could agree upon.

While Hudson’s offers many delicious cocktails, we had to sample the Bloody Mary. It’s what we do.

Spice & Mix: The restaurant was busy and we didn’t inquire specifically, but they definitely had an Old Bay rim.

Fixin’s: One lone lemon wedge.

Chaser: None offered.

Price: $Unsure, but probably about $9-11.

While this wasn’t really anything to write home about, the restaurant itself is a HHI institution, I am told (and so the story on the menu tells me). Bloody Marys always pair well with oysters (that’s why they have shooters!) so it was definitely worth a try. All the food we sampled here on our three visits was delicious and did not disappoint.

However, if you visit, I would suggest you try the frozen drinks instead if you’re dining outside on warm sunny day. They are delicious!

Skip the Bloody Mary at Hudson’s and go straight for the frozen cocktails!

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve traveled anywhere, much less by plane. But there’s something about an early morning flight that makes one crave a Bloody Mary and that hasn’t changed.

Thus, during our layover in Atlanta, we had to seek one out. We were unpleasantly surprised to find many of the dining options in our terminal at Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport closed or open with limited hours, but fortunately, we were able to grab a seat at the bar at LongHorn Steakhouse right when it opened.

While this was a standard bloody at best, somehow all bloodies at the airport just seem to hit the spot.

Spice & Mix: We didn’t have the chance to inquire, but we ordered ours spicy. There was a hint of an Asian-inspired spice that we couldn’t quite place. The bartender also talked us into making it a double (they use Helix Vodka).

Fixin’s: You get one olive and you’ll like it.

Chaser: None offered.

Price: $13.99 for a double

Of course, everything is also overpriced at the airport where they have you captive, but at this point in time, it was worth it. We also slept quite well on the second leg of our journey.

Moral of the story… if you’re looking for a Bloody at the ATL airport, you might have trouble finding one in the COVID-19 era, but in a pinch, LongHorn’s in Concourse C will do.

Badger Burger CompanyBadger Burger Company

On a recent Packers Sunday, a group of us checked out the relatively new Badger Burger Co. location in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Although it has a rather strange location–a small strip mall in the parking lot of another strip mall–for a sports bar/fast-casual restaurant, it turned out to be a “hidden gem” as one of my dining companions dubbed it.

The restaurant has plenty of TVs and bar, booth and table seating with an upstairs and a private party room available, too. Of course they specialize in burgers (hence, the name),  but the menu boasts a wide array of offerings like chicken sandwiches, wraps, salads, specialty mac and cheeses and chicken wings. Plus, there are happy hour specials from 2-5pm each weekday as well as daily food and drink specials 7 days/week.

Fortunately for us, Sunday’s special (in addition to a large pizza deal) was $3 off Bloody Marys. Badger Burger Co. has four specialty Bloodies on the menu. Their house, which is chock-full of fixin’s; a Bacon Lover’s, which is the house plus bacon x3; a Shrimp Lover’s, which is the house plus shrimp x3; and the Badger, which adds two sliders!

Everyone in our crew ordered the house, save for one lone Bacon Lover. Here are the details.

Spice & Mix: They told us they have created their own and there is a large carafe of it behind the bar. It had a good, but familiar taste.

Fixin’s: Celery, pickle, 2 olives, shrimp, cheese and beef, bacon strip

Chaser: Your choice from the tap offerings

Price: $10 regularly, $7 on Sundays  

The consensus is that the Bloodies were all very tasty. Loved the amount of fixin’s. We thought the price was a little on the high side at $10, but at $7, they were a bargain. We also saw someone else order the Badger, which retails for $13.50 and determined that you’d really get your bang for your buck if you ordered that on a Sunday… for $10.50, you’d have your drink and enough of a small snack to fill you up.

PLUS, the restaurant also offers $5 Bloody Mary refills with normal garnishes (see above photo), which is also a sweet deal.

The food was delicious and very filling. Three of us had to get to-go boxes! That’s why I think the Badger Bloody would be a good bet next time… just enough of a snack to qualify as an app or mini meal in addition to your beverage.

Badger Burger Co. also has an app where you can earn free Bloodies and Burgers (buy 9, get one free) and get access to other specials.

Oh and did I mention they do touchdown shots? Thanks to the Packers, we also got two shots while dining there for the first half of the game.

Definitely recommend you check out this new sports bar in the area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. They also have locations in Mukwonago, Richfield and Oconomowoc.