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Our travels took us to Hilton Head Island, where we visited Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks not once but three times in our 5-day stay.

A beautiful (and COVID-19 approved) outdoor setting on the water in the warm October sunshine combined with fresh catch-of-the day seafood made for a restaurant our whole group could agree upon.

While Hudson’s offers many delicious cocktails, we had to sample the Bloody Mary. It’s what we do.

Spice & Mix: The restaurant was busy and we didn’t inquire specifically, but they definitely had an Old Bay rim.

Fixin’s: One lone lemon wedge.

Chaser: None offered.

Price: $Unsure, but probably about $9-11.

While this wasn’t really anything to write home about, the restaurant itself is a HHI institution, I am told (and so the story on the menu tells me). Bloody Marys always pair well with oysters (that’s why they have shooters!) so it was definitely worth a try. All the food we sampled here on our three visits was delicious and did not disappoint.

However, if you visit, I would suggest you try the frozen drinks instead if you’re dining outside on warm sunny day. They are delicious!

Skip the Bloody Mary at Hudson’s and go straight for the frozen cocktails!

Little Cleo’s is another member of the Fox Restaurant Group. This one is a seafood restaurant and it’s in a location called “The Yard,” a combined property with one of the Culinary Dropout locations in Phoenix.

Here, I highly recommend their daily selection of oysters and, their fresh Bloody Mary:

Little Cleos (1)

Little Cleos (2)

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: None

Fixin’s: Two olives, a lime and celery

Price: $7.50

This drink was simple, yet flavorful. Wouldn’t go out of my way to come here for a Bloody Mary, but you can’t beat the fresh seafood and the service!