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Fox Restaurant Concept’s Mexican restaurant is Blanco Tacos & Tequila.

Typically, I wouldn’t bother ordering  Bloody Mary at a place like this (hello, margaritas!), since they called it out on the menu, I figured it couldn’t be horrible.

Blanco (1)

Blanco (2)I was right-as with the other Fox restaurants, this Bloody Mary was very fresh with the very distinct taste of fresh lime juice. Surprisingly, it complemented the chips, salsa and guac quite well.

Mix: Homemade with  fresh lime juice; could  get a Bloody Mary with vodka or Bloody Maria with tequila

Chaser: No

Fixin’s:  Lemon, lime, cucumber, two olives

Price: $8

Another great restaurant to try in the area. While this Bloody was good, I hear the margaritas are amazing, so give them a try!

The Henry is the newest member of the Fox Restaurants Group family. So new, in fact, that it didn’t register when I was planning my trip to AZ. I found out about it initially from the friendly bartender at Little Cleo’s. He told me it was amazing and that it would be tough to get into without a reservation.

The Henry (2)

I didn’t let that stop me, so I headed there a little later in the evening on a weeknight and grabbed a coveted seat at the bar.

The Henry (4)My eye naturally gravitated to the “Chevy Chase” skirt steak sandwich on the menu… It says “add a Bloody Mary for $5.”

I had to inquire–why was it called a Chevy Chase and what was the significance of the add on Bloody?

“It’s from Caddyshack,” the bartender told me. “He says he’ll have a steak sandwich and a Bloody Mary.”

Hmm… I thought to myself. I’ve never been one of those people who is really great at identifying or spouting off movie quotes, but I am a huge Caddyshack fan and I think I would remember a line about Bloodies in one of my favorite films.

Regardless, I was sold.

The Henry (3)

The Henry (1)

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: YES-the only place I visited in AZ that offered!

Fixin’s:  Lemon & olive

Price: $5 w/ purchase of Chevy Chase

The meal was delicious, as was the beverage. However, upon returning home, I researched the line and discovered it was from a movie called Fletch, which I have not seen, not Caddyshack as I had been told.

It was an honest mistake and I won’t hold it against the bartender. The meal was excellent and I may not have ordered it otherwise, silly as that may sound. Plus, I was happy I hadn’t overlooked a Bloody Mary line in a great movie.

Definitely check out The Henry when you’re in Phoenix, but don’t feel like you have to get the Chevy Chase! You  can order Bloody Mary solo, or enjoy one of their many other beverages as well.

The Greene House is a Fox Restaurant Concepts group establishment with California cool and “inspired by nature” cuisine.

The food is very healthy and fresh and so was the Bloody Mary.

Greene House


Mix: Homemade

Chaser: None

Fixin’s:  Lime

Price: $?

Unfortunately, this Bloody Mary was nothing special. If you like hummus,  kale and Brussels sprouts, check out the Greene House, but you can skip the Bloody Mary unless you’re counting it as a veggie.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. Zinburger is Fox Restaurant Concept group’s burger (and wine) bar.

Like Culinary Dropout, Zinburger offers a Bacon Bloody Mary which is just as good:


Mix: Homemade using bacon-infused Smirnoff Vodka, Worcestershire & pepper

Chaser: None

Fixin’s:  Bacon

Price: $7

Bloody Marys and burgers go well together, just ask AJ Bomber’s or Sobelman’s. Another winner from the Fox group!

Olive & Ivy is another-you guessed it-Fox Restaurant Concepts group member.

It’s like “enter[ing you]r own little Mediterranean world the first moment you set foot” inside.  Everything feels very fresh and refreshing, including the “Ivy Mary”:

Olive and Ivy

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: None

Fixin’s:  Celery, lime & olive

Price: $8

Again, while delicious, unfortunately this Bloody Mary was nothing special. Skip it and indulge in an extra variety of bruschetta or flatbread at Happy Hour.

The Arrogant Butcher in the heart of downtown Phoenix is yet another feather in the Fox Restaurant Concepts group’s cap.

This one serves a wide variety of fare and features a large bar area.

In our quest to try all Fox Restaurants, we popped in here for late lunch and a Bloody Mary.

Arrogant Butcher

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: None

Fixin’s:  2 olives, 1 lime

Price: $5

Nothing special with this Bloody, but the food was very good.

North is the Fox Restaurant Group’s Italian option.


Classy and upscale, this restaurant also keep its Bloody Marys pretty plain.

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: None

Fixin’s: Two olives, one lime.

Price: $7.50

If you’re ever in the Arizona area and you’re looking for a place to dine, you cannot go wrong by choosing one of the restaurants in the Fox Restaurant Concepts group.

They’ve got a variety of different restaurant types—from natural/organic and Italian to Southwestern and Mediterranean—something to suit every mood/taste bud and they’re spread out all around the area (and even into some surrounding states).

On my recent visit, I dined at Culinary Dropout for the first time. The Dropout features unique gastropub fare.

I was told I had to order the pretzels:

The Dropout also features a fabulous Bacon Bloody Mary.


Culinary Dropout (3)

Here are the stats:

Mix: Homemade

Chaser: None

Fixin’s: No messing around—just bacon.

Price: $8

This drink was simple, but one of my favorite Bloody Marys I enjoyed in Arizona. Again, highly recommend the Fox Restaurant Group family!