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We spent our Black Friday in the Lake Geneva area and had the opportunity to sample a couple of mighty fine bloody marys, the first of which was at Gordy’s Boathouse on the west side of the lake (technically in Fontana).


Mix: Unknown, but tasted similar to Sacramento
Chaser: Yes
Fixin’s: Shrimp, cheese, beef stick, pickle, pepperoncini, celery
Price: Unknown (approx $7)

This was our first visit to Gordy’s, but the establishment has been around in one form or another since 1955.

The menu offers a wide variety of lunch and dinner options and the dining room offers a fantastic view of the lake.

The Bloody Mary was icing on the cake, very flavorful and thick, with a healthy offering of fixin’s, as well as a chaser.

This restaurant is across the lake from the Main Street area of Lake Geneva, but definitely worth a visit!