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Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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One of my most favorite Bloodies is available at Juniper 61, right in my own backyard! 

This is not your average garden-variety bloody, but one of the secrets to its goodness is garden-related: Juniper 61 makes its own vegetable-infused vodka (pictured above).

Tonight, the bartender let me try a sip of the vodka on its own. You can definitely taste the earthy essence of onion, tomato, garlic, peppers, etc. It is just perfect for this drink!

(Note: They also have an apple-infused vodka for fall, used in salted caramel apple martinis and such—delicious!)

The fixin’s on this bloody are also amazingly fresh and tasty as well. Read on!

Mix: They have their own mix, in addition to their own vegetable-infused vodka. 

Spice: Not very spicy but extremely flavorful. 

Chaser: Choose from an array of local brews. I picked the unconventional Lakefront Pumpkin Ale because pumpkin anything is another one of my obsessions. 

Fixin’s: Lemon, smoked gouda cheese, carrot slice, cucumber slice, two bleu cheese stuffed olives, a pickle and celery

Price: $8