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After a recent round of golf at Rock River Hills, I stopped into their pub, Mulligan’s for a beverage. I was sorely disappointed:

Rock River Hills Mulligan's Bloody Mary


Mix: Unsure, very generic taste.


Fixin’s: NONE. The bartender asked “Would you like a pickle or olive?” as she set this offensively naked bloody down in front of me. I nodded enthusiastically. When she returned, she had to inform me they were out of both. Not a great sign.

Price: $5.50

Definitely need to find somewhere else to go post-round in Horicon!

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Today I went to Mulligan’s after golfing with my dad, Gordy and Mike at Ives Grove. There really isn’t any other good bar to patronize after golfing in the area, so we end up here. We typically go on Sundays, but with today being Labor Day, we found ourselves in the establishment to catch the last 3 innings of the Brewers-Marlins game. I, of course, ordered a bloody.  No surprise, I’ve had them here plenty of times. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t anything to, well, blog about, really. But in a pinch, they will do. And trust me, I’m not complaining—I had two.

Mix: Unknown.

Spice: This bloody is not very spicy, even when requested.

Chaser: A small glass of Miller Lite.

Fixin’s: Lime, 3 olives, 2 pickle slices, a quarter of a beef stick and a celery stalk

Price:$5.95 (Tip: Usually $4.50 on Sundays!)