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Thanks to OMG Products, LLC  for sending me their OMG Bloody Mary Mix to review!

Between going “out for bloodies” and my travel schedule, it usually takes a special occasion for me to make them at home; this time, I broke out the jug (yes, jug, not bottle!) to make Bloodies with some friends on Independence Day.

To keep the test pure, we sampled the beverage as is. We did not add any spices, but we topped the drink with lots of fixnin’s–just the way we love ’em.

Photo Jul 04, 8 30 44 AM

OMG is based out of Wisconsin. Their mix includes  over 20 different locally-sourced spices, fresh tomato paste and juice from California AND 5-times distilled vodka, hence their slogan “The vodka’s inside– shake, pour and enjoy!”

And this is where we come in. A company rep wanted to spread the word, so they reached out to me and sent me the sample.

The verdict? All of us agreed–the mix was very good! Not too thick, not too thin, very flavorful. We were able to make about four pint-sized bloodies from one bottle.

Thanks again to the good folks at OMG for the sample!