Bloody Mary Dip.

I purchased this Robert Rosthschild Farm’s Bloody Mary Dip on my recent trip to Door County, from Seaquist Orchards.

The dip, a blend of tomato, dill, lemon and worcestershire, has the perfect amount of zip and retails for $9.99 at Seaquist.

A quick Google search also led me to the company’s website, where it is available for a comparable $10.49. According to the company, suggested uses are: as a zesty addition to a turkey wrap; blending with mayonnaise and using to dress a seafood salad; or pairing well with crunchy kettle chips.

My use? I brought it over to share with the fam on Thanksgiving as an appetizer. We served it with celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots and crackers. It was very yummy and you could definitely taste the horseradish.

I would definitely recommend trying this dip—it’s a change from the typical dill/ranch dips and I will also try it as a spread!

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