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I recently spent a lovely fall weekend in Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is one of my favorite places to visit and there are a lot of familiar places that I like to visit each time I travel there.

On this particular trip, I was more concerned about touring the Distillery, Brewery and various wineries than sampling bloodies (strange, I know), so I only had one new one and that Bloody Mary was the Srichacha Bloody Mary at Nelsen’s Hall Bitter’s Pub on Washington Island.

Sriracha Bloody Mary Bitter End


We took the ferry over to the island, where we rented bikes for the afternoon. We passed Bitters and decided to stop for a beverage.

When I saw the chalkboard for the Sriracha Bloody Mary, I knew that was what I had to order.

Mix: Unsure, but it definitely contained Sriracha and was quite spicy!

Chaser: Bud Light

Fixin’s: Celery, Lemon, Lime, Olive and Mushroom

Price: Unknown

To be honest, I didn’t love this Bloody Mary. It was a little too spicy, even for my tastes. It also didn’t sit great while biking and ferry-riding, so maybe I should’ve ordered something a little lighter!


Bloody Mary Dip.

I purchased this Robert Rosthschild Farm’s Bloody Mary Dip on my recent trip to Door County, from Seaquist Orchards.

The dip, a blend of tomato, dill, lemon and worcestershire, has the perfect amount of zip and retails for $9.99 at Seaquist.

A quick Google search also led me to the company’s website, where it is available for a comparable $10.49. According to the company, suggested uses are: as a zesty addition to a turkey wrap; blending with mayonnaise and using to dress a seafood salad; or pairing well with crunchy kettle chips.

My use? I brought it over to share with the fam on Thanksgiving as an appetizer. We served it with celery, cherry tomatoes, carrots and crackers. It was very yummy and you could definitely taste the horseradish.

I would definitely recommend trying this dip—it’s a change from the typical dill/ranch dips and I will also try it as a spread!

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The third Bloody I enjoyed this past weekend up in Door County was at Husby’s located in downtown Sister Bay. Husby’s is one of the few true watering holes in Door County and a great place for late night fun.

We had dinner here and watched Game 3 of the World Series, so this was an evening Bloody Mary experience. It was a good complement to the tasty burger & fries.

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: The bartender asked me if I would like one, but never delivered.

Fixin’s: Lemon, Beefstick, Cheese, Olive, Pickle

Price: Unknown

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The second Bloody I enjoyed this past weekend up in Door County was at Cooper’s Corner, located just down the street from Bayside Tavern. Home of the former C&C Supper Club, I expected Cooper’s to have a traditional Bloody Mary and yes, that’s what I got.

Especially, after tasting the Bayside Bloody, this one was nothing special to write home about, but still very good.

Spice: Not very.

Mix: Zing Zang

Chaser: A small shot of local brew.

Fixin’s: Olive, Mushroom, Pickle

Price: $8

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This weekend, I visited Door County with some friends. I’ve been visiting Door County on an almost yearly basis since I was a young child, so I love the Door and am pretty familiar with many of the local restaurants and shops. And, while the peninsula is well known for its wineries, not much has been said about its Bloodies. Well, that’s about to change as I tested out the Bloody Marys at three separate establishments, which I will cover in individual posts.

First up, is Bayside Tavern in Fish Creek. Although I have not visited Bayside in the past, I did not stumble across this place on accident, folks. This Bloody came highly recommended by my friend, Carol. I absolutely trust Carol’s assessment when it comes to Bloodies and thus, I made it a point to stop at Bayside Tavern. We got in to Door County around 5:30 on Friday evening and I was at the bar at Bayside by about 6:30p—that’s how seriously I took this tip.

Spice: Okay, so this Bloody was not spicy, exactly… it had a little Cajun salt on the rim.

Mix: So, what Carol did not prepare me for at all was the distinctly fishy taste of this Bloody! Not sure if this is accurate or not, but I’m going to guess it is homemade. I’m not exactly sure how to describe this any other way, other than fishy, but (I thought at least) in a good way. And hey, when in Fish Creek…

It would definitely stand out in a competition and I could see where it can be polarizing: you’ll either love it or, if you don’t like fishy, I could see where you would not like this one at all.

Chaser: A small shot of local brew.

Fixin’s: Olive, Mushroom, Brussels Sprout, Pickle, Lemon

Price: $7