Stir Crazy

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Last weekend, I visited Stir Crazy in Brookfield, Wisconsin for dinner.

This was not my first time at this restaurant (it is a chain), but it was my first time ordering a Bloody Mary here. 

Mix: Unknown

Chaser: Yes, I chose Kirin Ichiban

Fixin’s: Two olives, two lemons


This Bloody Mary had nice flavor to it, but unfortunately, my taste was soured by an unfortunate incident–our server accidentally spilled a glass of wine on my sweater. Of course, the wine was red and my sweater was a lovely cream color.

Obviously, the server did not do this on purpose and was very apologetic. A manager quickly stopped by and offered to take care of the dry cleaning bill. The round of drinks was on the house. 

However, by this time, it was too late. Our dinner was off and running to a poor start, compounded later that night by a disappointing movie. But that’s neither here nor there.

The Bloody Mary itself was very good, especially considering the circumstances and the fact that it was from an Asian Grill chain where one would not be anticipating anything special.

I might not be going back to Stir Crazy anytime soon, but if you find yourself there, rest assured that the Bloody Mary isn’t bad. Just maybe wear a bib.

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