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I’ve never met her in person, but something tells me Shelley Buchanan and I are kindred spirits.

Shelley writes a Bloody Mary brunch blog called “The Drunken Tomato”. Shelley and her guest reviewers travel around, giving their Bloody Mary reviews, much like we do here at Out For Bloodies. 

And now, she’s published a book: The Drunken Tomato: A Definitive Guide to the Best Bloody Marys in Los Angeles and Orange County


Each chapter of this comprehensive, unique city guide focuses on one area of the city, providing contact information for each bar and restaurant, along with reviews and pictures. The establishments range from well-known restaurants to the lesser-known “dive bars.”

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Los Angeles overall and in fact, I’ve only ever reviewed one Bloody Mary there on my most recent trip last March (Kitchen 24) which is not listed in the book; however, after perusing this guide, I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit.

Even if you’re not planning on visiting the area anytime soon, you’ll find that this book is put together so beautifully and the photos are so gorgeous (yes, I’m biased, I know, but I think Bloody Marys are amazing and photograph fantastically) that it could just as easily serve as a coffee table book and/or conversation piece.

Be sure to give Shelley’s blog a follow, follow her on Twitter @TheDrunkenTomato (and us, if you’re not already following– @OutForBloodies), and pick up this book if you get the chance.

in this “business,” we don’t consider ourselves competitors, but rather co-conspirators, searching for that ever-elusive perfect Bloody Mary and having a blast trying.


The best Bloody Mary I had in Dallas was at Five Sixty, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant inside Reunion Tower.

The restaurant earns its name by being a 560-foot landmark with a distinctive glowing ball. Upon ascending 50 stories, diners depart from the elevator at the center of the restaurant. With floor-to-ceiling windows that line the restaurant, it offers 360-degree views of Dallas as the room revolves. (The marketer in me suggests that they adopt a “560 with a 360” slogan; hey Wolfgang, you can use that for free!)

With a trendy, modern feel, the drink menu was eclectic and extensive, but I had to first order a Bloody Mary. Yes, I’ve had one at higher altitudes (cheers to in-flight bloodies), but once I heard that all of their beverages were made from natural ingredients, I was intrigued.

Five Sixty


Mix: Homemade from natural ingredients with Sobieski vodka

Chaser: No (spoiler alert—none of the Dallas bars offered a chaser)

Fixin’s: Three olives, a cucumber slice and a lime


This Bloody Mary lived up to the expectations billed by our waitress–it was natural, fresh and delicious. I would definitely dine in Five Sixty again; the atmosphere, the view and the experience was top notch.


Hooters, Dallas, Texas

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While in Dallas, we also stopped for drinks at the Hooters in Addison. Like Outback, I think I’ve only ever been to a Hooters once in my life.


Mix: Unknown

Chaser: No (spoiler alert—none of the Dallas bars offered a chaser)

Fixin’s: One lime


This was by far the worst Bloody Mary I’ve had in some time. Even though I was asked if I wanted it spicy, I found the overall flavor to be quite bland and I was extremely underwhelmed with the fixin’s. I guess that’s why they are known for their wings, not their Bloodies… anyway, I don’t need to go back here any time soon.

While in Dallas, I had dinner at Outback Steakhouse. I’ve only been to Outback once in my life (the Milwaukee location) and I never had a Bloody Mary there, so I gave it a go.



Mix: Homemade, I believe

Chaser: No (spoiler alert—none of the Dallas bars offered a chaser)

Fixin’s: Three olives, bacon

Price: $?

I can’t speak for all Outbacks, but the Bloody at the Addison location was pretty tasty. The bacon and the mason jar were nice touches and the drink had the slightest hint of sweetness.

From experience, I know that the Bloody Marys in Australia aren’t great, but the ones at the Australian-themed steakhouse aren’t half bad. 

You know the saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas?” Well, not EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas… the Bloody Marys in Milwaukee definitely have those in the Lone Star state beat!

My first stop was The Quarter Bar & Grill in Addison.


Mix: Zing Zang, with some extra kick thrown in.

Chaser: No (spoiler alert—none of the Dallas bars offered a chaser)

Fixin’s: Two olives, two beans


From the looks of the establishment alone (and the fact that they don’t have a smoking ban in Texas), I wasn’t expecting much, but my friend and I each ordered a Bloody Mary, requesting it spicy and that’s what we got. We were pleasantly surprised at just how tasty these Bloody Marys were–so tasty, in fact, that we ordered a second round.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to get to The Quarter, but if you find yourself nearby and thirsty, definitely give it a go.

Last Friday, I visited Cafe Hollander in Wauwatosa again. 


This time, I had the Frenchie and the Traditional. You can read my original Cafe Hollander post here