McClure’s Bloody Mary Potato Chips

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Lay’s has been hosting a contest to invent a new flavor of potato chip over the last couple of years. I’ve submitted Bloody Mary to no avail. But aside from not winning the $1,000,000 prize, I’m not bummed because McClure’s has come up with the same idea and was able to execute it expertly.

Unfortunately, these chips are not available near me, but a good friend who lives in Brooklyn was able to track them down. 

Bloody Mary ChipsThese chips have a tomato and pickle essence and are surprisingly spicy. McClure’s also has Garlic Dill Pickle and Spicy Pickle varieties as well. 

They are quite delicious and worth picking up a bag when you are lucky enough to spot them. I also recommend pairing them with Sprecher’s Beer flavored Kettle Chips as a chaser!



Bloody Mary Chips and beer Chips

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