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Between going “out for bloodies” and my travel schedule, it is usually hard for me to find time to make Bloody Marys at home, but when I found this jar of McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix at World Market, I couldn’t resist.

I had heard rave reviews from friends about McClure’s, such as “You can’t even taste the vodka” and “best Bloody Mary mix ever,” plus, they also make the Bloody Mary Potato Chips, so I was eager to test it out for myself.

I broke out this mix for a special occasion: Easter Sunday with the family.

To keep the test pure, I sampled the mix with an unflavored Skyy vokda. I did not add any spices, but I topped the drink with olives, celery and cheese.

McClures Bloody Mary Mix

This mix had a great consistency (I like my mix to be a little thicker). Although the jar was labeled “spicy,” I really didn’t find this to be spicy in a hot sense, but you can definitely taste the spices in the mix. My dad thought it was a peppery taste, while I tasted more pickle juice. Whatever the case, I couldn’t taste the vodka, just as my friend had warned me. This went down easy and was quite good.

The only problem for me personally is the size of the jar, I was able to make just three Bloody Marys from this jar.




Lay’s has been hosting a contest to invent a new flavor of potato chip over the last couple of years. I’ve submitted Bloody Mary to no avail. But aside from not winning the $1,000,000 prize, I’m not bummed because McClure’s has come up with the same idea and was able to execute it expertly.

Unfortunately, these chips are not available near me, but a good friend who lives in Brooklyn was able to track them down. 

Bloody Mary ChipsThese chips have a tomato and pickle essence and are surprisingly spicy. McClure’s also has Garlic Dill Pickle and Spicy Pickle varieties as well. 

They are quite delicious and worth picking up a bag when you are lucky enough to spot them. I also recommend pairing them with Sprecher’s Beer flavored Kettle Chips as a chaser!



Bloody Mary Chips and beer Chips