Alpharetta GA: TopGolf

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized
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While in Georgia, we were excited to pay a visit to Topgolf in Alpharetta.

For the unitiated, Topgolf is an entertainment complex centered around the sport of golf. It’s a driving range that’s tech’ed up so you can compete against friends and family to score points. Anyone from first-timers and kids can compete and have fun playing against regulars and pros.

You get a bay (a spot at the driving range) for your group and treat it like a bowling lane. You can organize your teams, or play individually, choosing from a variety of different games on the nearby computer. Sensors in the golf balls and targets help calculate your distance and score. You can bring your own clubs, or use those provided.

Plus, while you’re playing, you can order up food and beverages and they’ll be brought over to you for you to enjoy.

On our first time there, of course we had to try the “Perfect Bloody Mary.
Topgolf Bloody Mary

We also heard they had a Bloody Mary Bar earlier in the day on Sunday, but alas, we didn’t make it in time for that, so we ordered up one of the Perfect Bloody Marys:

Topgolf Bloody Mary

MIX:  Topgolf’s “Perfect Bloody Mary Mix” and Kettle One.


FIXIN’S: Lime and 2 Olives


We liked the salted/flavored rim to the glass and the overall flavor of the Bloody Mary was very good.

In addition, all of the food we tried was delicious (and our large group tried a lot–chicken & waffle sliders, chili cheese fries, signature nachos, chips & guac, etc.).

After our Bloody Mary, we switched to their margarita and that gets two thumbs up as well.

Overall, we had a great time at Topgolf and can’t wait to get to another location very soon.

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