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On a quick trip to Cleveland, we weren’t able to scout out any particular Bloody Marys, but we did find ourselves in the airport with time to grab a drink. So, we stopped at Great Lakes Brewing Co., where we were pleasantly surprised to find a few options to choose from.

Great Lakes Brewing Bloody Mary List

We went with The B.L.T.:

Great Lakes Brewing Bloody Mary

Here’s what it had to offer:

MIX: Homemade, with Absolut Peppar

CHASER: None offered.

FIXIN’S: Bacon, Lettuce


This was a pretty average bloody mary by our standards, even with the bacon. We wish we had tried some of their beer instead.

I arrived in Vegas with a list of things to do/sights to see and on that list was to have a Bloody Mary at Hash House A-Go-Go.

Yes, I had done my homework (or so I thought), researching the Best Bloody Marys in Las Vegas. Hash House and their BLT Bloody was on several lists, so I went there first. Located near Harrah’s, I found the establishment in a relatively new building called The Quad.

Thus, I was expecting something like this:

And instead, this is what arrived:

The bartender, to his credit, could tell I was disappointed when my drink arrived. I expressed that I was expecting something different. “Oh yes, our specialty Bloodies are only available on the weekends,” he said. This was a Wednesday and I wasn’t going to have the chance to come back on the weekend.

None of the reviews I read mentioned this. The bartender knew that I was solely there for the bloody and felt bad about the mix-up, so he didn”t end up charging me for the drink, which was nice.

Here are the “stats” for this plain-jane Bloody at Hash House:

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Homemade mix.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  Lemon, 2 olives, mini pickle

Price: Unsure—no charge for the mix-up.

So far, I was 0-2  in my search for the perfect Sin City Bloody.

…To be continued.