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Recently, we visited Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the entertainment scene being what it is in Vegas and with how over the top a lot of things are in the city, you’d think there’d be 1) more Bloody Marys to go around and 2) bigger, better, bolder bloodies than anywhere else.

Sadly, this is not the case. There are a few build-your-own Bloody Mary spots that we’ve come across, but generally, that’s a Saturday or Sunday brunch offering.

In our opinion, a 24-hour Bloody Mary Cafe would go over well in Vegas, so you can have the hair of the dog and keep on partying at any hour of the day, but hey, we’ll take what we can get for now.

This time around, we stopped at Broken Yolk for breakfast before heading home after one wild night on the town. Broken Yolk is off the strip and on the way to the airport, plus it was a Tuesday, so we didn’t have a wait like most places in Vegas might.

This place has an extensive menu that includes not just one but four different Bloody Mary options and, for those who are indecisive, a Bloody Mary flight.

We tried the Bloody Best.

Photo Jul 30, 9 14 30 AM

Of course, it’s nothing but the Bloody Best for us!

The low down:

Spice: Not too spicy.

Mix: House Mix

Fixin’s: Waffle, Bacon, Olive, Celery, Salted Rim

Chaser: None offered

If you need to grab breakfast on your way out of town, or want to avoid the chaos of the strip, Broken Yolk is a great spot.


Price:  $10

Oh, Las Vegas. It’s been far too long.

We took a quick jaunt to Sin City this week and managed to sneak in a Bloody Mary review on the trip.

We had heard about the Bloody at Mr. Lucky’s in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino but because it’s off the strip, we never made it there on our previous visit.

Well, our trip started off lucky as that’s where we were staying this time around. I guess you could say lucky for us, we got to try this beast at Mr. Lucky’s:

Lucky's Breakfast Bloody

While $19.99 may seek excessive for a Bloody Mary, in truth this might just be one of the best bargains in Vegas. When you consider that most drinks at the bars are about $10-15 a pop, here you’re also getting a meal and a souvenir.

Mr. Lucky's  Bloody Mary

Turn around, gorgeous:

Mr. lucky's Bloody Mary

Mix: House

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Deviled egg, celery, pickle, shrimp, beef jerky, waffle breakfast slider with cheese & bacon, lime, olive

Price: $19.99 – steep but comparable in Vegas, plus you get to keep the glass!

Pro tip: Order this drink and you’ve got breakfast to boot. The waffle breakfast slider is quite possibly one of our all-time favorite fixin’s, quickly joining the ranks of Sobelman’s and the like back home. I can’t believe they don’t sell that sandwich as a stand alone breakfast item because it’s delicious. Our waiter even offered us syrup. Um sure, why not?

Down this beverage and consume the fixin’s and then you’re left with the glass, which is yours to keep. Sort of a badge of honor for tackling this monstrosity,a built-in souvenir.

The Breakfast Bloody is also not just for breakfast; it is available all the time, which puts it a step ahead of many Vegas establishments that offer similar over-the-top Bloodies, but only on weekends and what not.

Oh, and if by some small chance you’re not full after consuming this beverage, you can still order this:

The King Mr. Lucky's

The only downside is that here, what happens in Vegas will indeed stay in Vegas… We are going to miss you when we get home, Mr. Lucky’s! Well done.


I was departing Vegas in less than 24 hours and my quest to find the best Bloody Mary was in jeopardy.

I consulted my carefully researched list of other establishments. After learning from my experience at Hash House, I did a little more digging and discovered that yes, many of these specialty bloodies were only available on the weekends.

This posed a problem as my flight was early Saturday afternoon; however, I soon realized that nothing was preventing me from having a Bloody for breakfast before boarding the plane.

After confirming that they did in fact have the Bloody Mary bar I had read so much about, I quickly made reservations at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel for 9am on Saturday morning.

From the moment I arrived, I knew that this Bloody was going to be the “Pièce de résistance” of the trip— we got a table outside on the patio, our waitress was nice, the food looked delish and the Bloody Mary cart was teeming with fresh ingredients and in full view.

Spice: You  play mixologist! The top of the bar is lined with every hot sauce under the sun. Also, add horseradish, Worcestershire, etc.

Mix: Choose from Clamato, Tomato Juice or a mix I had never heard of—Dr. Swami and Bone Daddy’s. I used this opportunity to try the new mix and must say it was very good!

Vodka; You call it! I chose Tito’s.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  A wide variety to choose from, mostly consisting of fresh veggies such as: cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, pickled carrots, and peppers, plus lemons, limes and olives. (Notably missing to midwest folks: meat and cheese!)

Price: $11

This bloody was absolutely amazing—my compliments to the bartender—that’d be me! I had a ton of fun building my bloody.



I finally hit the jackpot in Vegas and just in time, too! I highly recommend Mon Ami to anyone looking for a Bloody Mary fix in Vegas. The only downfall is that the Bloody Mary cart is ONLY available on weekends.

Given the Vegas nightlife scene, one would really think that there would be a big market for Bloodies there; however, I found it really difficult to find a good one that was available on a daily basis.

I realize by now that  fixin’s overloads and beer chasers are primarily a Midwest thing, but I’ve got to believe that in the city of excess, a Sobelman’s or O’Davey’s-style Bloody Mary would go over well there.Not once did I spy a beefstick, shrimp, bacon or cheese cube on my journey.

I’d be tempted to open up a specialty Bloody Mary bar there if I had any restaurant experience. I can see people making a pilgrimage to it and really having some fun with it. If you have the capital and wherewithal to do this, let me know, I’d be happy to help consult!

Regardless, Vegas, you redeemed yourself at the last minute. Until next time!

While I was in search of the perfect Bloody Mary, my traveling companion (my mom) was in search of the perfect burger.

We ended up at Gordon Ramsay’s newest Las Vegas restaurant, the aptly named BurGR, late on a Friday evening.

We each tried a different burger and then split them (Hell’s Kitchen and Britannia for those of you scoring at home) and we also split an order of the sweet potato fries.

The burgers were amazing (we liked the Britannia the best) and the fries were to die for. Mom definitely got her wish granted at BurGR.

So, while there, I decided to give their Bloody a go.

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Homemade mix.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  One olive, one lime.

Price: $12

Our experience at BurGR was awesome, and In the end, this was probably my favorite bloody so far on this trip. but I was waiting to be wowed, like mom was when she finally found the burger of her dreams.

To Be Continued.

When you tell people you’re going to Las Vegas, they tell you that it is awesome because the casinos dole out free drinks while you’re gambling. Don’t buy drinks at the bar, they say, just hang out by the tables or slot machines and a waitress will come to you—just give her a nice tip.

On my first trip to Vegas, this didn’t happen once so I was a little skeptical. Thus, this time around, like finding a good Vegas Bloody Mary, getting a comp drink on the casino floor was on my list of things to do.

And, like my Bloody Mary search, I was beginning to give up on Vegas in this regard, but then my luck changed. Waitresses approached me at two different casinos and, of course, I had to order Bloodies.

Here’s the Bloody I got in Treasure Island:

And here’s the one from Planet Hollywood:

These were basically a little larger than shot size and each contained an olive and a lime. You can’t really complain as these were “free” drinks and I was just happy to cross another thing off my to-do list.

But my best Bloody search was still eluding me…

I had lunch at Gilley’s, a restaurant in Treasure Island in Las Vegas and decided to try yet another Bloody Mary.

Spice: It had a little kick to it and a chipotle flavor.

Mix: Homemade mix

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  One olive, one lime

Price: $9 

While good, this bloody was average at best! 

I was very close to giving up my Bloody Mary search in Vegas and switch over to the frozen drinks that abound on every corner…to be continued.

I arrived in Vegas with a list of things to do/sights to see and on that list was to have a Bloody Mary at Hash House A-Go-Go.

Yes, I had done my homework (or so I thought), researching the Best Bloody Marys in Las Vegas. Hash House and their BLT Bloody was on several lists, so I went there first. Located near Harrah’s, I found the establishment in a relatively new building called The Quad.

Thus, I was expecting something like this:

And instead, this is what arrived:

The bartender, to his credit, could tell I was disappointed when my drink arrived. I expressed that I was expecting something different. “Oh yes, our specialty Bloodies are only available on the weekends,” he said. This was a Wednesday and I wasn’t going to have the chance to come back on the weekend.

None of the reviews I read mentioned this. The bartender knew that I was solely there for the bloody and felt bad about the mix-up, so he didn”t end up charging me for the drink, which was nice.

Here are the “stats” for this plain-jane Bloody at Hash House:

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Homemade mix.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  Lemon, 2 olives, mini pickle

Price: Unsure—no charge for the mix-up.

So far, I was 0-2  in my search for the perfect Sin City Bloody.

…To be continued.

This past week, I was in Las Vegas and decided to sample some of what Sin City has to offer.

My first Bloody was at the House of Blues, which is located in Mandalay Bay.

Spice: It had a little kick to it.

Mix: Homemade mix.

Chaser: None offered.

Fixin’s:  One olive, one lime.

Price: $5 (Happy Hour Special)

I learned pretty quickly that for all the excess that Vegas is famous for, when it comes to Bloodies, the Glitter Gulch is pretty pedestrian.

This one was decent, but disappointing, so I continued on my search… to be continued.