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One of Arizona’s most-talked about bloody marys is available at Hash Kitchen. Featuring a build-your-own bar with over 40 toppings to choose from, the place that bills itself as “Turntables +Mimosas+ Bloody Marys + Crazy Brunch Menu” certainly lives up to its hype.

We got there early on a Sunday morning and while we weren’t able to make reservations ahead of time and the place was poppin’, we were told it would only be about a 20-30 minute wait for a table for two. Not bad! We were able to fill the time by heading to their special build-your-own station located in the middle of the restaurant. Complete with its own cashier, we got in line, chose our vodka and began to assemble our masterpieces.

Hash Kitchen (16)

By the time we found a place to hang out for the remainder of our wait, our table was already ready. Genius way to keep customers occupied, plus we didn’t have to waste time once seated by getting up to go make our drinks.

So, we sat down to order our brunch and were blown away (again), this time by the menu.

When I saw the s’mores French toast (graham cracker brioche/Nutella/charred marshmallow fluff), I knew that was what I had to order.

Hash Kitchen (1)

 Spice: It’s up to you! Choose from regular vodka or several infused options.

Hash Kitchen (3)

Mix: House-mix, up to you to doctor up.

Chaser: None offered

Hash Kitchen (4)

Fixin’s: Over 40 craft fixin’s to choose from, including bacon, meatballs, toasted ravioli and even pickled mango.

Price: $12

Now I know that there is a segment of the population who doesn’t like to build their own bloodies. I can understand that. If you’re one of those, Hash offers a standard version that you can order and have delivered to your seat, no sweat. But for those of us who are creative and like to pile on as many toppings as we can, your palate will enjoy the palette at Hash.

Hash Kitchen (14)

The best part for Hash is that we can’t really blame them if the Bloody Mary is “bad,” because that would be our own fault now, wouldn’t it? J

Doubtful that it ever really could be, however. Definitely a happenin’ spot to check out next time you’re in the Valley of the Sun.

When researching Bloody Marys in Washington, D.C., we came across several sites that recommended Logan Tavern.

The reason Logan Tavern’s Bloody Mary was voted “Best Bloody Mary in DC” by Washingtonian Magazine readers is because of their Ultimate Bloody Mary Menu, which is served on Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday Brunch.

We had a fun time plotting out our beverage using their menu:

Logan Tavern (1)

Here’s what we settled on for our creation…

Mix: Housemade. We chose infused cucumber vodka with horseradish, on the spicy side.

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Olive, Cucumber, Green Beans

Price: $13 (which includes additional charges for bacon & shrimp)

Logan Tavern (2)

With a menu like this, if you don’t like your drink, quite frankly, the only person you have to blame is yourself. However, we were quite pleased with the Bloody we had made, considering ourselves somewhat experts in the field.

The difference between Logan Tavern and a Build-Your-Own-Bar, is that you choose options from the various categories and then they construct it for you. It’s the lazy-man’s build your own bloody and it’s better because there is a little bit of restraint built in (no I don’t really need 5 pieces of bacon in my glass…).

Definitely the best Bloody Mary we had in DC and we highly recommend you check it out! Tell us about your own creations in the comments below.

Club Tap is the quintessential neighborhood bar. It’s a small, one-room space that is more long and narrow than it is short and wide.

It’s not a hip, popular place to visit and they don’t serve food.

But it is a bar within walking distance of many in the Pasadena and Swan Neighborhoods and you can count on them to be open pretty much anytime; they boast that they are open 365 days of the year. They even open by 9am on the Fourth of July to serve those coming out to watch the Independence Day Parade.

Recently the bar was taken under ownership by those who own Lalli’s Pizza, a carryout and delivery establishment next door to the Tap. The bar closed for about a week this summer and the locals eagerly anticipated the much-needed renovations were were sure they would be making.

No dice. When we came back, the place was the same old tap with just a few new faces behind the bar. However, one night a friend of mine was in there and noticed they were touting a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar on Sundays. We noted we would have to give it a try.

The Tap has always been pretty much your beer and on-the-rocks type of bar. You won’t find any frozen drinks and since you’re more likely to end your night there then head there to watch a college football game on a Saturday, it’s a not place you’d seek out for a good Bloody Mary.

Recently, while looking for a place to watch a Packers game, it occurred to us that we still hadn’t gotten around to trying the BYO Bar at the Tap.

When we walked in, there was no sign of it, however. When we asked, we were were told, “Oh yeah, we have that, but not during Packers games.” Yeah, because that makes a ton of sense… There were only about 7 people in the place as it is. You’d think they’d want to sweeten the deal to make Club Tap a destination for sporting events like these. But, true to form, the Tap is a tell-it-like-it-is, we-don’t-care-what-anyone-else-thinks, take-it-or-leave-it type of place. They have never been and never will be a place that tries to impress. At least they’re not trying to be something they aren’t?

I say all of this lovingly, mind you. I have a love-hate relationship with this bar. So we went ahead and ordered a Bloody Mary anyway.

Club Tap

Mix: Homemade and very good!

Chaser: Yes–Miller Lite

Fixin’s: Two Olives and a Pickle

Price: $7

This Bloody Mary was actually quite tasty. And while we were some of the only people in there during the game, we did enjoy the free Lalli’s Pizza and breadsticks at half-time and the free shots for when the Packers scored. The bartender was friendlier than those we remember from the past and all in all, we had a decent time during the game.

If it were me, I’d advise them to add the Bloody Mary Bar back on all Sundays, especially during Packers games and maybe advertise the free pizza & shots deal a bit better (or at all). They might find that slowly their perception starts to change and they might even attract people from out of the area.