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There is a relatively new Mexican restaurant on Milwaukee’s south side in Franklin, Wisconsin called Agave Blu Cantina.

I’ve come here on Sundays to watch some Packers games and for Happy Hours a couple of times. There offer free chips and salsa and great drink specials. Of course I had to try their Bloody Mary.

Photo Nov 24, 3 09 02 PM

Spice & Mix: Mary’s Hot Bottom Chili Pepper Flavored Vodka

Fixin’s: Celery, lime, olive and pickles

Chaser: None offered

Price: $5 (I believe this was the correct Happy Hour price)

This place seems to offer great food and drink specials almost every night of the week, but it has never been crowded when I’ve been there, which is a shame. I hope this place can succeed, so give it a shot the next time we’re allowed to dine in again.

On Sunday after golf, I stopped in to the Bowery Bar & Grill in Franklin, Wisconsin.

The Bowery is kind of a hole-in-the-wall place whose claim to fame is that is the “home of the deep fried taco.”

Anyway, I’d been there before, but realized I hadn’t rated the Bloody. So here goes:

Spice: Not spicy hot, but a good amount of spice.

Mix: Sacramento (My fave!) with their own spices added.

Chaser: Offered, but refused.

Fixin’s: Pickle & Two Olives

Price: $6

Pretty plain jane as far as my usual bloodies are concerned, but the flavor here was top-notch. I also give them bonus points for using the larger than pint-size glass.