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Recently we paid a visit to Pike Lake House over the lunch hour. While we enjoyed a soup and sandwich, we also decided to try their Bloody Mary.

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Spice: Not too spicy…

Mix: They use Jimmy Luv’s

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Pickle, Olive, Mushroom and Mozzarella Cheese Stick

Price: $5.68

We had never been to this bar/pub before, so we had no expectations regarding their food or drink; thus, we were surprised when the bartender went to the kitchen to grab a mozzarella cheese stick to add to the top of our drink.

That was a nice touch.

At just $5 plus tax, this is what I consider to be a decent-priced drink. Adding the mozzarella stick made it definitely worth it, even without offer of a chaser. I didn’t ask for one (because I like to see what is offered originally at establishments), but I have a hunch that the bartender just forgot to offer one to me as I did see “chaser-type” glasses behind the bar.

We aren’t the biggest fans of Jimmy Luv’s, but that was okay with us, too. Again, the cheese stick was a giant distraction, especially since we were hungry upon ordering and that helped tide me over until lunch arrived.

While the Bloody Mary was good and the food was also tasty, we were a little disappointed in the pricing of the food. My dining companion and I split an entree and we were charged $5 for a split plate charge. I don’t recall seeing that notice on the menu and we certainly weren’t told about that at the time of order. We had also ordered soup on the side, so at that price, we should’ve just ordered two entrees.

Because it is so far off the beaten path, this isn’t a place we’d be likely to return to often, even if everything was the best we’ve ever had, so we’ll overlook that, too, for now. Just beware if you’re in the same boat!

Tally Ho

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Today after golf in Hartford, I wanted to try a Bloody I hadn’t had before, so I stopped at Tally Ho in Erin. Apparently, they have a Bloody Mary bar every Sunday; however, by the time we arrived (2:30pm), it was over. Alas, I had to settle for a very average Bloody. That’s two weeks in a row now.

Spice: Average

Mix: Jimmy Luv’s

Chaser: Offered, but refused.

Fixin’s: Pickle & Two Olives

Price: $6

Based on this disappointing experience, I would have to advise you to head to Hank’s if you ever find yourself in Hartford on a Sunday afternoon!

Yesterday, after golfing at Hartford Country Club, we stopped in at Hank’s Restaurant & Drinkery, formerly known as “Hammerin’ Hanks,” located on Main Street in downtown Hartford.

I will admit I was not expecting much. Last July when I was in there, I had asked for a Bloody and was told they were all out of mix—on a Sunday!

However, yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when I received this:

The bartender informed me that their Bloodies are just $5 before 3pm on Sundays. Check out all the stats:

Spice: Not spicy hot, but good.

Mix: Forest Floor—I’d never heard of it before, but apparently it is an excellent bottle mix!

Chaser: Yes, I chose Miller Lite.

Fixin’s: Celery, Asparagus, Pickle, Cheese, Brussels Sprout Olive, Mushroom & Shrimp

Price: $5 before 3pm on Sundays—not sure what happens after that.

As I said previously—I wasn’t expecting much; however, I definitely went home happy. Next time you find yourself out in Hartford, pop in to Hank’s and try them out!