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We recently visited Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Milwaukee.

Although obviously known for their beer, we had to try their Bloody Mary.

Rock Bottom Brewery Bloody Mary

MIX: Housemande

CHASER: Their pale ale

FIXIN’S: Lime, olive and celery


This bloody mary had a nice overall flavor, but was pretty average by our standards. Not something we’d seek out for a brunch, but something we’d enjoy again while dining here.


Our next stop was to Denver, Colorado, which brought us the chance to try another airport Bloody Mary. This time from Rock Bottom Brewery.

Rock Bottom Brewery Bloody mary

MIX: Unsure, but we did see the bartender add some spices on her own

CHASER: None offered

FIXIN’S: Celery, lime, lime, olive

PRICE: $8.49

This Bloody Mary was decent, but pretty standard. Basically, what you would expect from a chain.