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I recently dined at the new Red Dot in Wauwatosa.

Formerly Sherbrooke, I had enjoyed Bloodies in this establishment in the past.

Under the same ownership, much of the menu is similar (yep-they still have poutine!); however, it looks like they’ve added some new Bloodies to their list—always a great improvement. I last reviewed the Garlic Basil Bloody, so I decided to try the “Rabbit’s Revenge” this time.

Made with home-infused carrot & ginger vodka with a touch of garlic-infused honey, this was definitely an interesting drink.

Spice: A mix of sweet and spicy.

Mix: Unknown; I have learned that I do enjoy house-infused vodka though!

Chaser: Yes

Fixin’s: Pickle, Olive, Meat and Cheese

Price: $8

I love this little restaurant and am so happy to see Tosa hustling and bustling with all of the new additions. I hope Red Dot sticks around for a long time!