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Over the weekend, I dined at Ward’s House of Prime in Milwaukee for the first time. Ward’s is one of Milwaukee’s top steakhouses and since I’ve noticed that steakhouses tend to have great Bloody Marys, I was very excited to see that Ward’s boasts three different varieties on its menu:

Wards House of Prime (1)

Naturally, I had to try the Ward’s House of Prime Bloody Mary.

Unfortunately, it did not arrive as billed on the drink menu:

Wards House of Prime (2)


Okay, so the important parts–the prime rib piece and the shrimp were there, but the blue cheese stuffed olives were missing and instead of a lemon, I got….an orange and a cherry? That’s a first.  I immediately removed those–had to be a mistake on the bartender’s end, I’m guessing?

Anyway, here are the stats

Mix: Ward’s homemade mix with Grey Goose Vodka

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: A pickle, prime rib slice, shrimp, lime and…cherry and orange?


Besides the obvious snafu, which I could normally overlook and chalk up to a busy night at the bar, I’m sad to report I just wasn’t impressed with this Bloody Mary. Sure, the prime rib piece was delicious, but other than that, I could barely finish the drink itself. I like spice, but this was overly peppery and the alcohol was overpowering as well.

In addition, dinner here was just okay; I was expecting a lot more for the price and from what I’d been hearing from others. I don’t think we’ll return anytime soon. So many bloodies, so little time.

Unfortunately, they can’t all be winners.