Matty’s Bar, New Berlin, WI.

Today was a very special day. Today marked the first time ever that my dad had played golf in all 12 months of a calendar year (a big feat in Wisconsin)! Yes, as Molly was enjoying her Bloody at Wilde in Chicago, dad  and I hit the links at Morningstar Golf Club just after 12p.m. this afternoon.

We both played pretty well, so we decided to hit one of my favorite Bloody Mary spots, Matty’s Bar, to celebrate and of course, add to the blog.

Brian introduced me to Matty’s sometime last year; it is near his office out in New Berlin. I promptly fell in love with the huge, fixin’-filled Matty Mary and look for any excuse to go to this place which is usually pretty far out of my way.

Spice: The bloody itself is not very spicy, but it is very, very good. The salt around the rim is mixed with a barbeque-like seasoning, which reminds me of Kruncher’s BBQ potato chips (in a good way).

Mix: Matty’s makes its own mix from what I understand, and uses their own vegetable-infused vodka. Another one of my favorite bloodies is also made with veggie-infused alcohol (Juniper 61 in Wauwatosa)….maybe that’s a secret to success?

Chaser: A mini stein of Miller Lite.

Fixin’s:  A mini-beef stick, pickle, asparagus, Brussels sprout, two olives, pepperoncini, pearl onion, cherry tomato, celery stick and string cheese.

Price: $8.50

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