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Wilde Bar & Restaurant in Chicago.

I started this blog because it became known in my circle of friends that I was a Bloody Mary connoisseur. People would come to me for recommendations, ask me to rank my favorites, etc.  Thus, it became necessary to formalize my review process in some way. Now, since starting this blog, I’ve often received submissions from friends and family. It seems that when they’re drinking bloodies, they think of me and that makes me feel happy.

Today was once such instance. My friend and colleague, Molly, was in Chicago for the weekend, checking out Wilde Bar & Restaurant, when I got a Vox from her.  (Vox is a voice/text/picture message sent through Voxer, a really cool app that Molly introduced me to).  This Vox was a photo of a bloody. The accompanying text said “Bloodys at Wilde in Chicag. Thought you’d like to know for future reference they’re pretty good ones.”

I asked her to write a  guest review. Here you go!

Spice/Mix: Molly rated the mix and 8/10… “Just the right spice for me!” she said.

Chaser: “A baby Miller Lite! I give it a 7/10 but only because of the adorable little glass bottle.”

Fixin’s:  “I give the topping a 1/10. Pitiful. Celery stick, some strange pepper (we think it may have been a pickled cherry pepper (?) courtesy of Google images) and a lemon wedge.”

Price: $8

Thanks, Molly, for thinking of me while you were enjoying your brunch, and for adding to the Out for Bloodies blog! Hope you had a nice trip!

For everyone else, don’t hesitate to pass your recommendations and reviews on to me! So many bloodies, so little time, I will never get to them all myself!

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