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Earlier this week, I was in Orlando for business and went out to dinner at Oceanaire’s Seafood Room.

Of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out their bloody!

The drink arrived in a very tall, impressive glass as you can see. It also had one of my favorite fixin’s—shrimp.

Spice: Excellent flavor, Very smooth.(However, I will note that a coworker, upon seeing my Bloody, ordered his own with the request to make it spicy… it came back tasting like Worcestershire sauce. Not good!) 

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: None.

Fixin’s:  Lime, Olive and Shrimp!

Price: $Unknown

If you ever find yourself in a city with an Oceanaire’s, I encourage you to go. The food was excellent, their bloody was great and their service was top-notch.


Last night, I was fortunate enough to dine at Dream Dance Steak inside Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

While waiting for the party to arrive, I ordered their Bloody Mary at the bar. The bartender didn’t bat an eye at my after 5pm request. Instead, she smiled and said, “Do you like ‘em spicy?”

That’s when I knew I was in for not only a great Bloody, but a great night as well.

Unlike my last steakhouse Bloody, this one did not disappoint. It was the perfect to start to what ended up being one of the best meals I have enjoyed in a long time. If you ever have the opportunity to try Dream Dance Steak, I highly recommend it.

Our table ordered their famous Wisconsin Cheese Curd Fritters and we got adventurous and tried the Kangaroo (not as game-y as you’d expect, kind of like a sweeter steak). For my main course, I had the scallops, an excellent choice. Those who had steak were satisfied as well.

Besides their superb Bloody and top-notch fare, their wine list is also impressive.

Spice: Excellent flavor, like you’d expect from a steakhouse. Very smooth.

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: None.

Fixin’s:  Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Two Olives, a Mushroom, Mini Pickle, Onion

Price: $10

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Stoney River Legendary Steaks, Duluth, GA

I just realized I never posted about my third Bloody Mary from my roadtrip over the holidays.

My third Bloody Mary was from Stoney River Legendary Steaks and it was my very last Bloody of 2012 since I had it there on New Year’s Eve.

It was going to be a wine night, but over dinner, the topic of this blog came up and my friend Trey said he would get a Bloody if I did. Of course, I’m always up for a Bloody and steakhouses typically have good ones, so I ordered one.

Unfortunately, it was just okay. Not bad, but not great, as you can see from the description below.

Spice: Not very spicy, but still flavorful.

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: None.

Fixin’s:  Lemon, Celery stalk

Price: Unknown

Oh well, there are plenty more good bloodies to be had in 2013!


Sobelman’s Bloody Masterpiece Party Pack

I’ve reviewed Sobelman’s Bloody Mary twice now, but what I saw tonight merits another post!

This photo turned up on Facebook (thanks for sharing, Sally!) with this description:

Did you see our “Bloody Masterpiece” Party Pack last night? Here’s the NEW & IMPROVED game-winning version! Won’t you be proud to present this at your Packers party this weekend?

Included are all the fixings to prepare TWELVE of your very own “Bloody Masterpiece”!: Celery, Shrimp, Onion, Cheese, Sausage, Scallion, Mushroom, Brussel Sprout, Pickle, Lemon, Asparagus & Olive…plus Sobelman’s sliders!! (Product is kept cooled until pick up)

Top it off with a bottle of Bloody Mary Mix, a bottle of vodka, cups and all the tools to assemble your own Bloodies all for JUST $50.00! ($75.00 as pictured with Rehorst Vodka).

First impressions from customers have been they wish this was around for Christmas gifts! There’s always next year! Until then there’s Packers Playoff games & a Super Bowl…Brewers tailgates…summer parties…plenty of occasions to enjoy the “Bloody Masterpiece” with your family and friends at your special events!

To reserve your own Party Pack—supplies are limited—call the Pub & Grill at 414-931-1919. Pick up is available Friday & Saturday. DELIVERY is also available to metro Milwaukee on Saturday for a $10 delivery fee.

Regardless of whether you order this weekend we hope you LIKE the idea and that we’ll be on your mind for tailgates, parties and picnics to come!

Well, Sobelman’s, I don’t “like” this idea… I LOVE IT! Perhaps they’ll send a kit my way so I can review it personally for the blog… 🙂

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Dantanna’s Bloody Mary Bar, Atlanta, GA

While in Atlanta, another Bloody Mary that I tried came from Dantanna’s, an “upscale sports restaurant.” I was there on a Sunday late morning/early afternoon to watch the football games and I was very excited to see that they had a lavish Bloody Mary bar set up when I walked in.

There were multiple kinds of mixes, many different spices and fixin’s like pickles, olives, peppers and celery. Another feature that I enjoyed was the lime juice to dip the rim of your glass in and the sea salt to roll it in.

I used this NFL Sunday opportunity to try two mixes that were new to me:  Whiskey Willy’s and Clamato.

For my first drink, I used Whiskey Willy’s and was conservative on the spices. I think I only added celery salt, a celery stalk, a pickle and olives.

From Willy’s website:”Whiskey Willy’s Bloody Mary mix is an all-natural and gluten-free drink mixer that was actually designed and created by a bartender. This amazing blend of Grade-A tomato paste, California garlic, domestic lemon juice, and other special ingredients is low in calories and sugar, but high on taste! There are no artificial flavors in our Bloody Mary mix; so enjoy it as both a summer snack and a holiday treat.”

It was good, but a pretty standard bloody.

For my second drink, I got a little more bold and went for the Clamato mixed with Old Bay seasoning and the lime/salted rim. I added in the same fixin’s plus horseradish and bleu cheese—yes, bleu cheese. I realize this sounds awful and, I will admit that even I was scared by my seemingly overzealous concoction; however, the result was amazing. Clamato, you have a new fan!

I wouldn’t want to use Clamato every time, but it had a really good fishy taste (which I realize doesn’t appeal to the masses) and I fell in love. The Old Bay was an excellent complement!

I’m not sure what Dantanna’s charges for the Bloody Mary bar 1) because a friend paid for the drinks and 2) because I ordered it with call vodka (Absolut). I would guess that they charged about $9-$10 (no beer chaser).

Definitely a trendy, hip atmosphere to watch the game and a great bloody bar, but as one follower on Twitter immediately pointed out when I tweeted this photo—where are the cured meats?! Honey, you’re not in Wisconsin anymore, I guess!


The Bloody Best, The Nook, Atlanta

Between Christmas and New Year’s, I went on a roadtrip to Atlanta, Georgia. While there, I had the opportunity to sample Bloody Marys from three different establishments.

The first was from The Nook. If you’ll recall, a few weeks ago, I posted a link to what I am calling my “Bloody Mary Bucket List,” a list first published by I have had the three bloodies from Wisconsin on the list and I made sure to take note of the Nook’s for my impending trip.

Thus, I stopped in to the restaurant on Piedmont Park last Saturday afternoon. I had heard that the Bloody, called the Bloody Best, was outrageous, but I wasn’t quite prepared for it’s size—it is 32 OUNCES of beverage…and breakfast … and has been featured on the Today Show and Huffington Post.

From The Nook: “The Bloody Best boasts 32 ounces of awesomeness with Absolut Peppar vodka, our amazing bloody mary mix, a skewer of tots and steak, a skewer of blue cheese stuffed olives and pepperoncinis, a piece of bacon (of course), a hard boiled egg, piece of toast, and a beef straw (not kidding)!”

Of course, the straw is referring to one of Benny’s Bloody Mary Beef Straws, that you heard about here a couple of months ago.

At 32 ounces (6 ounces of which are Vodka) and $18, this is a Bloody built for two (yes, I ended up sharing). The flavor was great (a little spicy with that Peppar!) and the fixin’s were crazy-good (no chaser though).

This would not be my every Sunday Bloody, but if you’re ever in the area, definitely suggest try out the Nook. Was too full to eat there, but did get a side of their famous Totchos. Yes, that’s right—Nachos made of Tater Tots in a variety of styles. You have to taste ‘em to believe me; they’re grr-eat!

Stay tuned for more reviews from the ATL.