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Sobelman’s… PART DEUX.

Yes, I just visited Sobelman’s back in October….but a lot has transpired since then!

Dave Sobelman decided about a month ago to add a slider to the garnishes on the Bloody  along with a chilled shrimp, celery, bacon, sausage and various pickled vegetables.

It was written up in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel….and Huffington Post. If that wasn’t enough, there was a segment on Good Morning America and attention even came from overseas as the Daily Mail, a British tabloid wrote about it.

People were buzzing about Sobelman’s Bloody—and my phone was buzzing as well as friends, family, coworkers and blog followers asked, “Have you tried Sobleman’s Bloody?”

Yes, I told them…but not this one. Of course, that meant I had to check them out again and give them another review!  So, I met my friend Kathryn there tonight for a post-work drink—which practically ended up being dinner as the my cup runneth over with garnishes!

Spice: Not very spicy, but still flavorful.

Mix: Tonight, I was told they use Jimmy Luv’s

Chaser: Miller Lite

Fixin’s:   Lemon, cheese, olive, pickle, pearl onion, brussels sprout,  beef stick, cherry tomato, onion, celery, mushroom, asparagus, a shrimp….and a full-on mini slider, complete with bacon & cheese. (I actually even ended up putting condiments (ketchup and mustard on it!)

Price: $9

The verdict? Well done, Sobelman’s! You didn’t need the burger to be good in my book, but now you’re one of my faves.

For other burger bloodies, check out my review of AJ Bomber’s.

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