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We reviewed the Milwaukee Burger Company earlier this year when we stopped at their Appleton location.

There are 3 locations for this local chain, yet none of them are actually in Milwaukee. You have to go to Appleton, Eau Claire, or now Franklin, which is the closest option to Milwaukee.

However, it is worth the drive for they have six different Bloody Marys on the menu.

Milwaukee Burger Company Bloody Mary

Last time, we tried the 34-oz. Big Mil Bloody, which was good. But this time, we tried the Bacon Bloody.

Milwaukee Burger Company

MIX:  Looked like they used their own mix at this location

CHASER: The Milwaukee Burger Company locations have 30+ taps each. Choose from any!

FIXIN’S: Homemade brown sugar jalapeno and applewood bacons, celery, olive, cheeses, beefstick, pickle

PRICE:  $6.99

Like the Big Mil, this Bloody Mary was well worth the price. Couple this with happy hour prices on drinks and wings, tons of TVs and fun bartenders, we’ll definitely be back to sample the other options over time, guaranteed.



We recently visited Champp’s Americana in Brookfield, Wis. on a recommendation from a trusted friend. We were told their bloodies were huge with lots o’ fixin’s, just the way we prefer.

However, we stopped in on a Wednesday for dinner and found out the bloodies we were picturing are only available on weekends. (Indeed. Their website boasts “Ginormous Bloody Mary’s” from 11am-4pm.)We won’t knock ’em for that, seems to be a common practice.

Anyway, we’ll review what we got.

Champps Americana Bloody mary


MIX: Housemade

CHASER: Grapefruit Shandy (pick your own)

FIXIN’S: Lime, lime, pickle, olive

PRICE: $Unsure

This bloody mary had a nice overall flavor, but was pretty average by our standards. Looks like you get a much bigger glass, a beefstick and maybe some cheese on the weekends, but nothing over-the-top then either. That said, though, Champp’s is a great place to watch a game, so if you find yourself at Champp’s on the weekend, you should definitely give the Ginormous Bloody Mary a shot. We know we will.

Oyamel showed up on two sources that I generally trust when it comes to food and beverage: Anthony Bourdain’s D.C. list and Thrillist’s List of Best Bloody Marys in D.C.

When I happened to walk right by this restaurant, I thought it was a sign.

I sat at the bar and asked the bartender if they had their famous bloody marys. “Yeah, we make a good one,” she replied.

So shame on me for assuming the one she would make would be the same one that was written up…

According to Thrillist, “The Bloody at Oyamel proves something can be gross AND good. That’s because it’s rimmed with “sal de gusano”. For gringos, that means worm salt. The worms that inhabit the agave plant are dried and then ground down with chilies and sea salt. The wormy rim is your gateway to sips of a Bloody made with your pick of mezcal, tequila, or vodka, plus house-made tomato juice, lime juice, and guajillo chili. It’s garnished with cilantro and marigold.”

This place made Bourdain’s list simply on mezcal selection…

Anyway, here’s what I got:



Mix: Housemade, somewhat spicy

Chaser: None offered

Fixin’s: Cucumber

Price: $10


I have no idea if this bloody was rimmed with the “sal de gusano,” or not and the bartender just used vodka without asking if I had a preference, so I didn’t get to try that famous mezcal. It also was not garnished with cilantro and marigold.

Overall, this bloody mary was decent and I guess it was my fault for not inquiring further or specifying, but had I known, I would have probably tried the sangria or margarita to go with my food, which for the record, was fantastic.

The made-to-order guacamole was heavenly and melted right into the still-warm fresh-baked tortilla chips. I must admit I devoured way too much and could barely eat my meal, which was also top-notch.

Definitely a cool place to check out, but maybe skip the bloody to make more room for guac.