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This morning, I had brunch with friends at Burke’s Lakeside in Oconomowoc.

For just $12.95, you can access a full buffet with all kinds of breakfast and lunch foods, including made-to-order omelets and pasta.

The food was good, but we really came to try the Wisconsin Supper Club Bloody Mary, aptly named because is served with fixin’s on a Lazy Susan:

Burke's Lakeside Supper Club Bloody Mary

To get the full effect, you really have to watch this video, which offers a 360 view:

Here’s a slide show:

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Mix: They use Zing Zang.

Chaser: Lagunitas Ipa

Fixin’s:  See photos… bacon, hardboiled egg, pickle, pepper, celery, shrimp, cheese, pepperoni, pickled veggies, tomatoes, tater tots and shrimp

Price: $10

Burke’s is a pilgrimage every bloody mary fan needs to make at least once. The Wisconsin Supper Club Bloody Mary is only served on Sundays, so you’ll want to make the most of your trip and plan on staying for brunch. Cheers!


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Joey Gerard’s, Greendale, Wisconsin

Last night, I went to the new Bartolotta’s Supper Club, Joey Gerard’s, with friends (there are two: one in Mequon, one in Greendale—I visited the Greendale location).

When you hear the words “Supper Club,” you automatically think of the 1950s-60s…a time when men like Tom Collins, Harvey Wallbanger and Rob Roy ruled the bar, relish trays were a thing and ice cream drinks capped off a dinner of hearty, beef-y comfort food like stroganoff and wellington. Hmm. Last time I checked it was 2012 (for another week or so at least).

But when you hear Bartolotta’s, you think classy, upscale, and above-all-else, delicious fare. So you give it the benefit of the doubt, throw on your pearls, and make a reservation.

And as usual, Bartolotta’s did not disappoint. In fact, Joey Gerard’s is just the place the Milwaukee-area needs. Supper Clubs were the norm in Wisconsin back in the day and now you’re hard-pressed to find one outside of northern destinations like Door County. We need a place that reminds us of a simpler time—with a modern twist.

Now, I know this is a Bloody Mary blog, but I’m getting to that so bear with me.

To me, a Supper Club seemed like just the place where they’d have a good Bloody. I had no concrete evidence on this, just a gut feeling based on past history with steakhouses, which usually make a mean, flavorful one. I figured this was similar and ordered one with dinner—even thought it wasn’t on the menu.

I was also encouraged by the “Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail” listed on the appetizers, so I of course had to order that too!

Now again, I was expecting a decent bloody, but nothing at all like what arrived!

Spice: Not very spicy, but still flavorful.

Mix: Unsure.

Chaser: None.

Fixin’s:   Lemon, Lime, cheese, olives, pickle, pearl onion, Brussels sprout,  beef stick, pepperoncini, mushroom, asparagus and a bean.

Price: $7

This was an excellent drink and immediately cracked my Top 10. I was so tempted to order a second one, but knew I wouldn’t be able to eat all of the garnishes and still put a dent in my meal.

Speaking of the meal…

Yes, the Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail (pictured above) was a must. It was very good, but not that special—it was pretty much a shrimp cocktail with okra, a brussels sprout, a pearl onion and a mushroom stuck in the sauce (which was quite spicy). I recommend it if you’re in the mood for shrimp cocktail—but not if you’re looking for that Bloody Mary fix!

We also got an order of raw beef and onions. I know, I know, that freaks many people out, but again, it was a throwback reminding me of Christmas Eves past. Food has the effect on people—triggering memories and emotions!

For dinner, I ordered the French Dip sandwich, while the rest of my party ordered steaks; everyone else also ordered dessert (including a couple of ice cream drinks!) but I was too full to partake.

I will definitely be returning to Joey Gerard’s and I suggest you check it out.