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Photo Jul 18, 11 41 11 AM

On a recent trip up to Door County, we stopped at PC/DC, or PC Junction in Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin.

Spice & Mix: I believe they used Sacramento Mix, but don’t quote me on this.

Fixin’s: Celery and olives

Chaser: None offered

Price: $Unsure

While the staff here was overly nice, unfortunately, this Bloody Mary was very, very average. As you can see, it is your typical bloody with a few olives and a celery stalk. There was nothing overly memorable about it, good or bad.

If you’re seeking out Door County’s best bloody marys, check out some of our other reviews on this site, like this post. 

There is a relatively new Mexican restaurant on Milwaukee’s south side in Franklin, Wisconsin called Agave Blu Cantina.

I’ve come here on Sundays to watch some Packers games and for Happy Hours a couple of times. There offer free chips and salsa and great drink specials. Of course I had to try their Bloody Mary.

Photo Nov 24, 3 09 02 PM

Spice & Mix: Mary’s Hot Bottom Chili Pepper Flavored Vodka

Fixin’s: Celery, lime, olive and pickles

Chaser: None offered

Price: $5 (I believe this was the correct Happy Hour price)

This place seems to offer great food and drink specials almost every night of the week, but it has never been crowded when I’ve been there, which is a shame. I hope this place can succeed, so give it a shot the next time we’re allowed to dine in again.

Hello there. It’s us again. Still playing catch up.

Back in February, we stopped in at the Water Street Brewery in Delafield, Wisconsin after a nice hike through Lapham Peak. It was supposed to be a 5-mile snowshoe hike, but unseasonably warm weather made it more of a regular hike.

This happened to be Super Bowl Sunday, so after we got our nice workout in, we kicked off the pregame festivities a little early with brunch.

Now we had reviewed the Water Street Brewery’s regular Bloody Mary almost six years ago. And, as I’m SURE you’ll recall, we were highly disappointed that we weren’t aware of their specialty Bloody Mary.

Okay, so we had actually completely forgotten about that debacle and 2014 probably was the last time we were even out in Delafield; however, the weekend brunch menu highlighted the Oktoberfest Bloody Mary pretty heavily, so when we placed our food and drink order, we didn’t realize that it wasn’t clear… we were all in on the big kahuna.

The bartender saw the surprise and the fear in my eyes when we set down the plain Bloody Mary. Immediately, I inquired about the fixings. He apologized and didn’t charge me for the original drink, which he said I should enjoy while I waited for my smorgasbord.

It was well worth the wait.

Spice & Mix: Homemade Mix and Sky Vodka with Water Street Brewery’s Oktoberfest

Fixin’s: Shrimp, Brewton, Cheese Curds, Eggplant Fry, Bacon, Pickle, Olive, Celery, Lemon and Lime

Chaser: One of their local beers

Price: $12.00

There must not be too many people who order this drink since I’ve only been here twice and both times, no one tried to upsell me on this version or even clarify which one I was requesting. That’s a darn shame because it’s delicious–a meal in itself, indeed.

Come here for brunch and order this and something smaller and you’ll be happy the rest of the day. Just be sure to specify which Bloody Mary you’re ordering.

It’s been way too long since we’ve updated this blog and frankly, since we’ve had a Bloody Mary.

During this time of self-quarantine, we’ve caught up on all of the housework, Netflix shows and now, we’re finally getting around to adding in some reviews. We know, our priorities are a little messed up. But again, that’s probably since it’s been way too long since we’ve had a Bloody!

Anywho… let’s flashback all the way to Black Friday 2019, back when times were simpler and you were allowed to dine in at restaurants.

We stopped at the Grumpy Troll en route to Galena, Illinois where we planned to spend the weekend checking out wineries and getting a jump start on our holiday shopping.

Spice & Mix: Mary’s Hot Bottom Chili Pepper Flavored Vodka

Fixin’s: Celery, Beef stick, lemon, olive and pickles

Chaser: One of their local beers

Price: $6.50

We thoroughly enjoyed our Grumpy Mary at this award-winning brew pub, along with a satisfying lunch.

If you ever find yourself in the unique town of Mount Horeb, known for its trolls, you should definitely check out this restaurant!

Recently, we traveled to a small town in Washington called Leavenworth. The history of Leavenworth is very intriguing!

Leavenworth, originally called Icicle Flats, was first settled in about 1885 as a trading post. With the completion of JJ Hill’s Great Northern Railway in 1893, Leavenworth, as Icicle Flats was now known, began to come into its own as a northwest frontier town. The town thrived until The Great Northern Railway pulled out of Leavenworth. The new route, which would be subject to snow closure less often, bypassed the town, causing the timber companies based along Icicle Creek to fail.

Photo Nov 03, 7 51 43 AM.jpg

The town languished nearly to extinction until the early 1960’s when town leaders came up with a plan to convert the town’s primary source of income to one based in tourism.

Leavenworth used the natural beauty of the North Cascades and the resemblance to the Bavarian Alps region of southern Germany to recreate itself as a Bavarian-style vacation destination.

The town has managed to thrive over the years, basing their tourism around several major festivals.

We arrived at the start of the holiday season, in time to still enjoy the beautiful fall colors, decent weather and Oktoberfest on tap, but also some of the early Christmas lights, a visit to the Reindeer Farm complete with Santa Photos and Gluhwein (mulled wine).

While we liked hopping from winery to winery down Front Street, we couldn’t, in good conscience, stop in this cute little town without checking out the Bloody Mary scene.

We visited Louie’s Café for breakfast.

Photo Nov 03, 10 40 51 AM.jpg

Spice & Mix: Demitri’s Mix, plus local vodka and a salted rim. We asked for it spicy, but we didn’t really feel too much of the heat.

Fixin’s: Bacon, Olive, Sweet Pepper, Celery, Asparagus, Cocktail Onion, Cheese, Lemon,

Chaser: None offered.

Price: $12.50

Photo Nov 03, 10 42 17 AM.jpg

This was a nice hearty Bloody Mary and we enjoyed the plethora of fixin’s in this small town so far outside of the Midwest. It had a nice full flavor (we like Demitri’s!) and paired nicely with our delicious breakfast.

We highly recommend both Louie’s AND Leavenworth in general if you ever find yourself in the Northwest. A total hidden gem. We hope to be back!

Denver, CO: Hashtag

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As social media savvy as we are at Out For Bloodies, we couldn’t resist stopping at a place called Hashtag for brunch while in Denver. And of course, that gave us a great excuse to try out a new Bloody Mary.

Photo Sep 28, 12 06 57 PM


Spice & Mix: House mix with Frank’s Red Hot & Guard & Grace seasoning

Fixin’s: Celery and olives

Chaser: None offered.

Price: $8.50

Hash has three Bloodies on its menu. Prior to our arrival, we had done our research and we were pleased to see some splashy bloodies with various fixin’s in photos on Yelp, so we were excited to see what this place had to offer.

Unfortunately, we were disappointed as we received a pretty bland tasting bloody with standard garnish.

The decor was cute, but they could’ve leaned into the whole “#Hashtag” thing even more, in my opinion. (I’m told the restaurant name is actually a play on breakfast “hash” and the chef’s other restaurant called “Tag.”)

As you can see from the photo below, the portions are enormous, but I still felt the experience was a bit overpriced.

I really, really wanted to love this spot, but instead I found it to be just “okay.” Nothing bad by any means, but nothing amazing either. I don’t think I’d necessarily make the effort to go back when there are so many other places to be tried.  #Sorry

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The verdict: A little pricey, but so was the cuisine (not atypical for San Francisco, however). I wouldn’t go out of my way to come back here again for the Bloody Mary but it’s a cute spot with good food and I might recommend it if you’re in the area.

Our travels took us to San Francisco, where we enjoyed breakfast at Kitchen Story.

We truly weren’t planning on ordering a Bloody but when we saw that their Millionaire’s Bloody was a winner of numerous awards, we felt like it was our duty to see how it stacks up.

Photo Jul 31, 8 30 20 AM (1)

Spice: A tad spicy

Mix: House Mix

Fixin’s: Millionaire’s Bacon, olive, celery, salted rim

Chaser: None offered.

Price: $14

The verdict: A little pricey, but so was the cuisine (not atypical for San Francisco, however). I wouldn’t go out of my way to come back here again for the Bloody Mary but it’s a cute spot with good food and I might recommend it if you’re in the area.

Recently, we visited Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the entertainment scene being what it is in Vegas and with how over the top a lot of things are in the city, you’d think there’d be 1) more Bloody Marys to go around and 2) bigger, better, bolder bloodies than anywhere else.

Sadly, this is not the case. There are a few build-your-own Bloody Mary spots that we’ve come across, but generally, that’s a Saturday or Sunday brunch offering.

In our opinion, a 24-hour Bloody Mary Cafe would go over well in Vegas, so you can have the hair of the dog and keep on partying at any hour of the day, but hey, we’ll take what we can get for now.

This time around, we stopped at Broken Yolk for breakfast before heading home after one wild night on the town. Broken Yolk is off the strip and on the way to the airport, plus it was a Tuesday, so we didn’t have a wait like most places in Vegas might.

This place has an extensive menu that includes not just one but four different Bloody Mary options and, for those who are indecisive, a Bloody Mary flight.

We tried the Bloody Best.

Photo Jul 30, 9 14 30 AM

Of course, it’s nothing but the Bloody Best for us!

The low down:

Spice: Not too spicy.

Mix: House Mix

Fixin’s: Waffle, Bacon, Olive, Celery, Salted Rim

Chaser: None offered

If you need to grab breakfast on your way out of town, or want to avoid the chaos of the strip, Broken Yolk is a great spot.


Price:  $10

Growing up, I went on many a family vacation to Wisconsin’s peninsula, Door County.

I remember going to Wilson’s for ice cream, learning to play golf at Maxwelton Braes, stopping at the Country Walk shops for a smiley face cookie, eating Swedish pancakes (always with lingonberries!) at Al Johnson’s, waving at the goats and visiting the little houses out back. I recall trying to see Pocahontas at one of the state’s few remaining drive-in theaters (but that the screen broke and we never saw more than 5 minutes) and alternatively, spending a rainy day at an indoor theater watching Apollo 13. Those were the days when you could climb the lookout tour in Peninsula State Park and when you could eat all the fudge you wanted from the Confectionery without worrying about zipping up your jeans the next day.

Visiting Door County as an adult is a very different experience, especially in recent years, as the area has seen renewed growth and popularity from a younger sect. Now there are breweries, cider companies and distilleries mingling with the fruit-based wineries, markets and orchards of old; and avant garde coffee shops selling $6 lattes topped off with smoked sea salt and black pepper co-existing with Door County Coffee & Tea.

Adding alcohol to a Door County trip is a new experience in and of itself once you journey back as someone of age, but then add in the new bars and restaurants and it’s a jarring juxtaposition to your youthful memories of the Door.

To clarify, it is not a bad one–it’s just different, in a good way.

While we sampled the wine, cider, beer and spirits from Bailey’s Harbor to Ellison Bay, we also made it a point (for the sake of you, our dear readers, of course) to get a rundown of some of the Bloody Marys.

In previous years, we have reviewed Husby’sCooper’s Corner (which is no longer there), BaySide Tavern and Bitter’s Pub, but it wasn’t until this most recent trip that we noticed the explosion in new establishments. 

The first stop on our journey brought us to Hatch Distilling Co. Photo Jul 19, 1 06 35 PM

Hatch’s Jamaican Jerk Bloody Mary is a spicy little bugger that retails for $10. A pepper, egg and pickle top off this drink. After sitting at the bar for a little while, we noticed and inquired about the noodle straws, which we then got to sample.

Photo Jul 19, 1 13 26 PM

LOVE this concept, which would prove to be even more valuable as the weekend progressed. Door County is a plastic straw free zone and most of the places we would venture to following had subpar paper straws which disintegrated before we could finish our drinks. While we are all for saving the environment, we also can’t help but wonder if this is a ploy to make us drink faster and thus perhaps order more beverages.

Hatch is near the new One Barrel Brewing which shares it’s space with a Wild Tomato Pizza location (a must-try in DC!), so also made a quick stop in there.

After some afternoon kayaking in Sister Bay, we headed to dinner at the Boathouse. While fish is always a prominent feature at the Boathouse of course, the fact that it was Friday meant Fish Fry!

And, of course, another Bloody Mary. This one came with a salted rim, pickle, lemon, olive, shrimp and a chaser. It definitely hit the spot.

Photo Jul 19, 8 53 03 PM

Plans to continue our liquid tour of DoCo were thwarted when a summer storm rolled in to break up heatwave.

Photo Jul 19, 9 39 18 PM.jpg

The outdoor patios would have to wait for another day as we flagged down the Sister Bay Shuttle and hightailed it back to our quarters.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Sister Bay Shuttle.

The Door has certainly modernized over time, but much of its charm is still derived from local establishments and the lackthereof of big businesses and chains. Therefore, you still won’t be able to call an Uber or a Lyft, but responsible imbibers, can still enjoy a worry-free night out on the town in Sister Bay by hailing the shuttle. In our case, it saved us from torrential downpours as well. Score!

Photo Jul 20, 9 26 06 AM.jpg

The next day, after sweating off Friday’s indulgences at an Ironwood Hot Yoga class and a jolt of caffeine at Discourse, we set off to explore more of the Door. We set off on a trek to Door County Brewing in Bailey’s Harbor, but first we stopped for lunch at the Peninsula Pub. We hadn’t heard much buzz about the Pub, but a quick search for something open at that time, that serves Bloody Marys and was on the way to Door County Brewing led us there and we’re quite glad it did!

Photo Jul 20, 11 39 13 AMPhoto Jul 20, 11 55 45 AM

Their menu features SEVEN different Bloody Mary varietals with various fixin’s and served with chasers. We got the Bacon Bloody Mary and enjoyed it very much. They disclosed that they use Jimmy Luv’s as the base in their mix, so the variations come from the alcohol and fixin’s.

The menu is also great if you’re craving a sandwich or burger. We read the description for the Hangover Burger and were just intrigued enough to order it: “1/3# fresh ground beef, American cheese, peanut butter & jelly, topped off with a fried egg & BACON!”

Many might balk at the PB&J and I think part of me did at first as well, but now I am a believer. Don’t knock it until you try it, folks.

Photo Jul 20, 11 23 28 AM.jpg

While enjoying our lunch, another storm rolled in, so we decided to hang out in the area a little longer. Stone’s Throw Winery was… (wait for it…) literally a stone’s throw across the street from Peninsula Pub, so we did a quick tasting before zipping over to Door County Brewing.

The rain had both tasting rooms packed to the gills, but we were able to enjoy our time there anyway. With our bellies full of bloodies, wine and beer, we just had to add cider to drink for the cycle. To Island Orchard Cider we went!

Photo Jul 20, 2 37 11 PM.jpg

That place was packed as well, so we improvised on space.

If it seems like all we do is eat and drink there, you’re not wrong.

The storms had passed, so we headed to Stabbur, Al Johnson’s outdoor patio/bar, and The Garage at Husby’s to enjoy the sunshine before dinner.

Photo Jul 20, 3 02 33 PMPhoto Jul 20, 3 27 11 PMPhoto Jul 21, 9 43 37 AM

Photo Jul 21, 9 47 10 AM.jpg

After heading home to shower and change (and let’s be honest…nap), we headed to a lovely dinner at Chives, back in Bailey’s Harbor.

After such a long and filling day, we called it an early night.

The next morning we were heading out of town, but we stopped at Al Johnson’s for breakfast (yes, those lingonberry pancakes!). That place is always packed, but we were able to mitigate our wait time by grabbing a Bloody at the adjacent Stabbur.

Photo Jul 21, 10 46 37 AM


What a fluid & food filled fun weekend in DoCo! We stopped at a few shops as we headed back down the Peninsula, toting beer, wine, cheese and Swedish limpa bread back home with us for future consumption as well.

When we don’t get up to Door County as often as we used to, you really take notice of all of the changes. I’m not sure when we’ll get back there again, but even if it is just a few months from now, there’s likely to be new places to explore in the Door.

Photo Jul 19, 8 31 31 PM.jpg

And we’re here for it! Thank you, DoCo!

On a recent jaunt to California, we found ourselves in the Gaslamp Quarter area of San Diego, home to some of our favorite bloodies to date.

We love a good breakfast spot, so decided to hit up the Instagram-worthy Breakfast Republic, which, it turns out, is somewhat of a chain, but oh so good.

Photo Jun 17, 10 46 47 AMphoto-jun-17-10-48-28-am-e1561081357822.jpg

We decided to go big or go home by ordering the Jurassic Bloody Mary.

Photo Jun 17, 10 55 58 AMPhoto Jun 17, 10 56 16 AM

Spice: Not too spicy.

Mix: House Mix

Fixin’s: Jurassic Pork Bacon, Celery, Olives, Pickle and Salted Rim

Chaser: None offered.

Price:  $11

The food here was delicious and the decor was fun. There is definitely a Latin flair to the food and the drinks as well.

We ended up coming here twice in the span of two days and there was a line out the door both days (mid-week, mind you), so you know it’s good. But don’t just take our word for it. Check it out if you’re in the area!