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On a trip to Washington, D.C. we visited Arlington, VA and paid a visit to Tupelo Honey Cafe. Now we have dined at a Tupelo Honey in Georgia before, but it was on a Sunday before noon, so we weren’t able to imbibe.

Anyway, we had heard that this location’s Queen Mary Bloody Mary featured a “golden” bloody mary mix, so we headed there expecting a yellow-hued drink.

We were sorely disappointed to receive a normal, red-vined beverage.


The menu even noted “golden” but when we questioned our bartender he looked at us like we were crazy. I mean, we are, but crazy for Bloodies!

Anywho, not a bad drink but definitely on the pricey end and a letdown after we had made a pilgrimage there specifically for the yellow drink.

Spice: Not really.

Mix: Dixie black pepper vodka or jalapeno-poblano-infused moonshine (we weren’t offered a choice, so we assume we got vodka…boo!); “golden” tomato bloody mary mix and good ole’ Demitri’s bloody mary seasoning

Fixin’s: According to the menu: pimento cheese stuffed olive, grilled shrimp, apple cider bacon, celery, green bean, pickled jalapeno, cheery tomato, lime salt rim (Don’t believe our shrimp was grilled and also, wasn’t sure the olive was stuffed…didn’t see a jalapeno either)

Chaser: None offered.

Price: $15.00

Again, very pricey, but this place offers way more fixin’s than other establishments outside of the midwest, so we kind of get it… but honestly, you should provide what is promised on the menu. I also think our bartender was in a rush… again, didn’t ask us our choice of liqour and the fixin’s were a little lacking.

Not sure we would ever dine here again and definitely wouldn’t pony up for this drink.

While in Washington, D.C. we had to try the crazy “Lox’d & Loaded Bloody Mary” at Buffalo & Bergen.

A almost $20, this Bloody Mary is NOT CHEAP; however, it’s not terrible considering it is your entire meal: a Spicy Bloody Mary, garnished with lox, cream cheese, capers, red onion on an everything bagel.

It’s not hard to see why this lovely vision was voted Best Bloody Mary by Washingtonian Magazine.

Photo Aug 31, 10 49 08 AMPhoto Aug 31, 11 02 33 AMPhoto Aug 31, 11 03 00 AM

Spice: Not really.

Mix: Unsure, definitely not the star of the show.

Fixin’s: Lemon, olive…. plus an everything bagel loaded with lox, cream cheese and red onions. Oh and a piece of lettuce for color.

Chaser: None offered.

Price: $19.50

Personally, I loved the gimmicky nature of this beast. I paid $20 and had a Bloody and a filling breakfast. The actual mix was nothing special, but it truly was fun to receive and I got many admiring glances from passersby.

The restaurant itself is in Union Market, which is a really cool collection of small shops and a ton of great restaurants/food stands.

I would not necessarily have this drink again, but I would go back to the market and check out some of the other spots–I was just too full to enjoy it after my meal in a glass!

We recently visited a new restaurant in downtown Elm Grove, Wisconsin called Zister’s. Housed in the site of the former Penelope’s, Zister’s brings a more modern appeal to Watertown Plank Road.

With its blatant appeal to the millennial brunch culture, this place is sure to attract the young and trendy crowd in search of Avocado Toasts, Benedicts and Mimosas (after all, as their slogan says, “Champagne is the new coffee.”

And, you can’t have brunch with out a Bloody Mary. On our visit, we tried the Ultimate Bloody Mary.

Photo Aug 27, 3 49 16 PM

Spice: St. George Green Chile Vodka

Mix: Zing Zang

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, Olive, Pickle and Bacon

Chaser: Miller Lite Shorty

Price: $10

We enjoy Zing Zang, so we didn’t mind them using a bottle mix. I think the drink was very tasty, but a bit over priced and lacking in the fixings to be called “Ultimate.” In our opinion, if you’re going to call yourself a brunch place, you should have at least 3 different Bloody Mary options on the menu, including one that truly is “ultimate” and unique to your establishment. (How about one with champagne, Zisters?!?)

Regardless, we still give this place a glowing review and will be back multiple times because we heart the menu. There simply are no other options like this west of the city.

We had the Avocado Toast and it was presented beautifully and tasted amazing:

Photo Aug 27, 3 55 08 PM

Again, we love that Zisters has come to the neighborhood; they also created a really great patio that we can’t wait to test out. We will be back soon and hope you take our Bloody Mary recommendations to heart as you develop your clientele. We would love to be a special advisor in your quest!


On a quintessential summer day, we headed to Montrose Beach in Chicago for some watersports, sun and much needed R&R.

Upon taking a break from the lake, we headed over to The Dock for lunch and a Bloody Mary.

Spice: N/A

Mix: Tabasco

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime

Price: $9

Photo Aug 13, 1 44 36 PM

This bloody mary truly was nothing special and we definitely wouldn’t recommend that you seek out the Dock just to get one…however, while at the beach, this really hit the spot! A little pricey for what you get, but that’s to be expected at a place like this. The atmosphere and weather couldn’t be beat.

On a recent trip to Atlanta, we brunched at South City Kitchen, a mecca for modern Southern cuisine.  Fried green tomatoes, chicken and waffles and she-crab soup will keep you comforted all day long.

We tried their bloody mary. Here are the stats:

Spice: Salted rim, Charleston heat

Mix: Housemade

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime and an olive

Price: $9

Photo Aug 11, 11 27 29 AM

This bloody was very simple yet tasty and went down easily. We had two.  While there are other more flashy bloodies in the city, if you’re in the area and hankering for some southern fare, stop here and you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been visiting San Francisco and checking out its bloody mary scene for awhile now, so I feel like I’ve hit many of the major hot spots, especially after my most recent trip.

I finally made it to Foreign Cinema, a place that has popped up on many “best” lists in my research.

Per Thrillist, “In line with the restaurant’s wide-ranging use of spices from all over the world, this mary combines tomato juice, lime, sherry vinegar, South Indian curry, and sumac for a flavorful morning beverage.”

Photo Jul 28, 11 52 16 AM.jpg

The stats:

Spice: Sumac rimmed/Persian style

Mix: Housemade

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Celery, olives and assorted pickled veggies/strips

Price: $12.60

This bloody mary was indeed delicious, but it was so built up in my mind that it was a little bit of a let down by the time I finally got to try it.

The fixin’s were odd in my opinion–they looked like they were there more for decoration than to be consumed and I really couldn’t tell quite what I was eating. The venue/restaurant itself is really cool, however, and it looks like they have a lot of great menu items as well.

Photo Jul 28, 11 52 33 AM.jpg

Thanks to OMG Products, LLC  for sending me their OMG Bloody Mary Mix to review!

Between going “out for bloodies” and my travel schedule, it usually takes a special occasion for me to make them at home; this time, I broke out the jug (yes, jug, not bottle!) to make Bloodies with some friends on Independence Day.

To keep the test pure, we sampled the beverage as is. We did not add any spices, but we topped the drink with lots of fixnin’s–just the way we love ’em.

Photo Jul 04, 8 30 44 AM

OMG is based out of Wisconsin. Their mix includes  over 20 different locally-sourced spices, fresh tomato paste and juice from California AND 5-times distilled vodka, hence their slogan “The vodka’s inside– shake, pour and enjoy!”

And this is where we come in. A company rep wanted to spread the word, so they reached out to me and sent me the sample.

The verdict? All of us agreed–the mix was very good! Not too thick, not too thin, very flavorful. We were able to make about four pint-sized bloodies from one bottle.

Thanks again to the good folks at OMG for the sample!


We recently visited Cleveland, Ohio where we made a pilgrimage to A Christmas Story House.

The home from the cult classic movie A Christmas Story has been now restored to its movie splendor and is open year round to the public for tours and even overnight stays. In addition to the home that has been staged exactly as the set in the film, there is a museum that features original props, costumes and memorabilia from the film.

If you’re a fan of this movie (and really, who isn’t), you’ll LOVE this tour. You’ll learn a lot about the making of the film and get your hands on some pretty cool stuff, making for awesome photo opportunities.

Photo Jun 05, 9 54 44 AM

Across the street is the Rowley Inn, which also played a part in the movie.

During the filming the upstairs of the building served as a location for make-up and wardrobe, and the bar served as a location for post-filming “meetings”.  Many extras in the movie were patrons who regularly frequented the bar and were there at a minutes notice when someone was needed, and several even still live in the neighborhood.

When we saw the leg lamp in the window, we knew that was where we would be dining, post-tour of the house.


Spice: Just the right amount of spice, salted rim.

Mix: Housemade

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Lemon, Lime, Olive

Price: $?

The Bloody Mary here was tasty, but not something we would seek out had it not been for the proximity to the house. The food was terrific and it seems like they have a wide variety on their menu. Again, we probably would not come here specifically to drink or dine, but it’s a great spot for a post-tour bite/drink and I’m sure, a terrific neighborhood watering hole.

When you’re in this area, don’t overlook the Rowley Inn because you won’t be disappointed!

We recently found ourselves in Minnesota, dining with friends who had ever-so-thoughtfully researched establishments with great bloodies before picking a lunch spot.

“This place showed up on several ‘Best’ lists when we searched for bloodies in Minneapolis,” they said.

When we arrived, we found they had two bloodies on their regular menu: a Basil Bloody and a Bloody Molly.

For posterity, we tried both. Photo May 18, 1 28 59 PM

Spice: Both of these drinks had just the right amound of spice. The Basil Bloody definitely had a “punch” as they described. You could taste both the Sriracha and the basil in that one.

Mix: Housemade. The Basil Bloody had organic Basil vodka and the Molly had Irish Whiskey.

Chaser: Yes.

Fixin’s: Pickle, Olive, Lemon and salted rim.

Price: $11 each

Photo May 18, 1 04 00 PM

These Bloodies were both quite tasty and hit the spot on a warm late-Spring day.

In addition to the drinks, this bar/restaurant had an extensive beer list and a breakfast poutine that was out of this world.

While we are aware of many “fancier” bloodies in the area with crazy build-your-own bars, this one was delicious while keeping it simple. We recommend!

We recently visited Harvest by the Patio in downtown San Diego for Saturday morning brunch and bloodies.

This was our first time at Harvest and we were overwhelmed with the dining options! We deliberated greatly before settling on the Olympia Bowl.

Harvest Patio (2)

We were highly satisfied with our decision, which also turned out to be food porn.

The beverages decision was simple. Once we saw the “Cedar Mary” on the menu, we jumped. Even at $20, we knew it was something special we had to try.

Harvest Patio (1)

After reconciling the $20 cost against providing our loyal readers with an amazing review, imagine our surprise when this is what showed up at our table:

Harvest Patio (3).JPG

Now, we will admit this drink was very good, but as we’re imbibing we’re wondering about the cedar planks and how this can possibly be worth $20.

Lo and behold… it wasn’t. They didn’t actually serve us the right drink! We didn’t find out until the bill came, when we were charged just $8, for what must be their standard, everyday Bloody.

Those disappointing stats:

Spice: Just the right amount of spice, salted rim.

Mix: Housemade

Chaser: None Offered

Fixin’s: Bacon, Cherry Tomato, Shishito Pepper

Price: $8

While the food here was delicious and the standard Bloody Mary was enjoyable, I will say that the service was severely lacking. The place was not busy considering it was a Saturday around 1pm, but we still found ourselves having to get up to ask our bartender to find our waitress, put our order in, bring us more water, the check, etc.

Had the service been better, we might’ve taken the time to inquire early on as to whether we had received the right drink, or brought it up at least when we received the bill; however, we ended up being pressed for time and decided that it was their loss on upselling us to their specialty beverage and having that reviewed.

Again, delicious food; bad day for service and a disappointment on the Bloody Mary end. Maybe next time we’re in San Diego, we’ll give them another shot to get it right!